Your Soul is Your Dream Home

Do you realize the most beautiful and perfect home you can ever reside in lies within you? Your dream home is ultimately your own soul, and every day it seeks to connect with you through your own dreams, thoughts, and prayers. Yet how much time and energy do you dedicate to creating a sanctuary within you so you can escape the illusion and fear from a world outside of you? During this time when you are being called to separate yourself from the world around you and go within your own home, are you de-cluttering the home within you? Are you opening the curtains to rooms within your own mind that have kept hidden the dreams you once had no time to create? Are you cleaning out the cobwebs from your rooms within your own soul that once held visions of gifts you never had time to cultivate?

You are being given this time to heal those wounds you once had no time to care for because you were busy with work and outside activities. Now, God has given you an abundance of time and what you choose to do with it determines whether your dreams will take flight or remain hidden in the dark corners of your beautiful soul. Since you cannot control what happens in the world around you, what you can control becomes even more important. You can control how you react to the world through your own thoughts, emotions, and actions. We have all been blessed with time that many of you have been praying for. Time to dedicate to your hobbies and talents, time to spend with your children, and time to reconnect with God, yourself and even your goals. It appears as if “time” has been removed as an excuse that we all use when it comes to dedicating ourselves to making our dreams a reality. Time is one of those luxuries that money cannot buy, and God has given you an abundance of time to clean out your home within, and create miracles you once thought were impossible.

We live in a thought filled Universe, and how you spend your time with your thoughts will give you the greatest gift once you get to return to work. How are you cultivating your mindset? Are you taking time to pray and deepen your relationship with God? Are you spending time enjoying your hobbies and gifts? If you love to paint, then now is the time to spend painting and allowing your heart to connect to something you love. When you connect to love and create love in your life, then you will discover there is more to love than to fear. Times like these allow you to do just that.

The concept of time so often represents fear to you in this journey, because you view time as a method of measuring lack rather than measuring success. How many souls awaken full of wonder and excitement to begin their day, and thank God for the time they have gotten to spend with loved ones? Instead, many awaken to the concern about time in regards to fear, and live in the future just waiting and wondering. Asking themselves, when am I going to be fired? When am I going to be paid? How long is it going to take until I am happy again, and when am I going to do something with my life? If you seize time as the opportunity to connect with Source and with your own self-love, then time will not represent fear to you. Everything delightful that you are experiencing is in the creation of “time” and is occurring before your very eyes.

Time should be measured in the moments you are creating love. Then you will truly understand that time is a concept for creating and receiving love. For it was not time that you lacked, but the energy you put into the moments of your life. Time is a measurement of energy spent through hours, minutes, and seconds. If you place your energy from love into the moments of your lifetime, then you review those moments in love and in time well spent. If you also use the energy of your heart to create fear, then you will look upon those moments and wonder where the time passed by so quickly. It is not the time you lack, but the love from the energy in which you put into it. Therefore waste not the moments of your life in fear, but create joy in them through love. – Through the Eyes of Truth

When you think about the goals you have accomplished throughout your life, your process has been much the same. You reached within the walls of your own soul to connect with a vision you had of something you alone could create. Then through the work of your own actions were you able to make this dream a reality. Knowing this, how much time do you spend ensuring the home within your own soul is de-cluttered and your sacred space? You cannot be truly happy unless you begin with peace in your own soul’s home. This is your dream space… your own sanctuary to call home. A place to escape to when the weight of the world feels like it is caving in on you. Be sure that you are doing everything necessary to keep your dream home your beautiful sanctuary. A place where you can escape the negative fear from the world around you, and connect with God within.

Life is but a playground, so seek to experience joy within yourself first. Only then will you know what it is to be the magnificent children of God you are. I need nothing from you in order to love and know myself. There is nothing you can do to disobey me, for I seek not perfection from you. How can I seek to condemn that which I am? I seek only to remind each soul who connects with even one word in these messages, that you are loved beyond measure.

If I create what the world would deems as a miracle in order to remind you that you and I are one, then the miracle was not for the chosen but for all of my chosen children. Each soul walking the journey through life has been called and chosen for the experience of perfection. Enjoy the journey and know you are worthy beyond what you can comprehend.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker


Your journey begins with a prayer,


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