You Will Be Called to Create Your Own Miracle.

Can you just imagine creating your deepest miracles? I am talking about the dreams that you have tucked underneath the deepest corners of your soul. Those dreams, that if you manifested then you would consider yourself a miracle worker. Why haven’t you called these dreams forward and started creating them? The art of creation involves your thoughts, emotions, and actions and prayer allows you to connect your thoughts and emotions to God. However, you must act on creating that very experience you are asking God to grant you. In other words, your role is to pray for it then create it. Yet is this how you have been living your life or are you just praying and waiting until God creates your dreams for you?

When I wrote my book, Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker, God explained to me that creation lies within each of us. Yes, you must pray for a connection and relationship with God, however you are also responsible for physically doing the work and manifesting what your heart ultimately desires to experience. You cannot pray for something and then just walk away expecting it to magically appear on your lap. Your role is to align with your greatest dreams and bring them into your own world from the very power God gave you when you entered into this journey called life.

Yet I will remind you that you are a co-creator in your own life and anything you desire to experience in the physical world including abundance of love, joy, or wealth are yours to have if only you call them forth. For it takes no more energy to create one dollar than one million dollars. Nor does it take more energy to create your own extraordinary dream home than it does to create a small cozy shack to call home.

Where the difference in the construction lies is where your belief lies. For if you believe that you are only worthy of creating a small space to call home where it brings you not peace, then it is your self-limiting thoughts that create this space.  When you desire to express your own creativity through manifesting a dream, know I will call upon you to act in accordance to the creation of that dream.”

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

In other words, once you pray and ask God for something you wish to experience in the physical world, then God will call on you to create it. Are you prepared to do so? Are you willing to release limiting thoughts and walk on a sacred journey of knowing yourself as a co-creator with Source? Prayer is a two-way conversation where you ask God for something and then God reciprocates and asks something from you. This is what building a deeper relationship with Source is about… asking and receiving. Having a conversation and walking in faith of the guidance you are receiving.

If you haven’t challenged yourself yet to create your greatest dream, then wouldn’t now be the time to do so? Whether you are creating a new dream home for yourself or one million dollars, the act of creation is all the same. Where you place your energy and your focused attention is where your actions will follow. Be sure however, that the dream you are aligning with brings you the greatest abundance of love and joy in your own life. Your success only needs to be measured by your own standards… not the worlds standard. So, when you bow your head in prayer, ask God to reveal truth to you and to show you how to make your greatest dreams come true. You may just surprise yourself and realize what an extraordinary child of God you are!

Your journey begins with a prayer.


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