You Have the Power to Change the World

Kelly Williams Photography

What would you do if you were handed the once in a lifetime opportunity to create change? I’m talking about something that you have a one in a million chance of creating, but the Universe was on your side for a miraculous moment and picked you to inspire a life? What would you do with it? Have you ever thought about something like this happening to you? I believe that we are all created to inspire change, but so many of us underestimate our own ability to change the world. Yet, when you look at the world around you and hear the headlines flooding our platforms today, you hear of stories of one person who created change in a negative way. Turn on the news and you will be flooded with these types of stories.

What if you could create a story of your very own that would inspire another person to want to realize their own greatness? This would be a miracle wouldn’t it? Yet, I believe we are all filled with miracles within our own soul that have our very own blueprint to them. However, so often we become uncertain of our own gifts. Rather than share your passion and joy, you hide it beneath the corners of your soul to collect dust.

I often visualize my life and ask God to show me ways to inspire change in others. Since truly honoring my own God whispers, I am sharing my joy in ways that fill my heart with love. I believe you can as well. You see, as an author and a personal development coach I remind people everyday that you can change the world… one person at a time. You don’t have to inspire millions of people to create a positive ripple effect. Focus on just one person at a time… one person. Whether you are sharing your music with another, lending a helping hand, or even giving eye contact and an encouraging word, you can create a positive ripple effect. When I dropped to my knees and asked God to show me my truth, I never in a million years thought I would receive the answer to my prayer in words I would later write and publish. Yet, my book Through the Eyes of Truth came to me word for word as I listened to my answered prayer. Then after writing these words, I read them every day or listened to my audio book until I could truly apply these lessons to my own life, and this is when I discovered my purpose. To remind you that God hears all prayers and that you are the miracle in your own life. Had I not written these words or trusted my own God whispers, then I would not be living my purpose and changing the life of hopefully one person. You can do the same.

The truest form of unconditional love is free to express itself and expect nothing in return. What greater gift can one ask for, than to experience this in their lifetime? Love yourself and take comfort in the knowledge that you are a child of God, expressing yourself in human conditions. We are all connected by energy and that energy called love exists and binds each of us. Change the world by changing your thoughts. Teach the world truth by only acknowledging truth in your life. – Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

So often we forget the power of one person, and focus on the masses around us. Why? If one person could have been your mother, your child, or even yourself… wouldn’t that one person be the most important person in the world? Because whether or not they are to you… that one person is the most important person in the world to someone. They may just not know it yet. You have the power to change the world because you possess within yourself the power to be loving, to be supportive, and to act on doing one positive thing for another. We are all connected…. one heart, one soul. So, never underestimate your ability to create a positive ripple effect in this world. If you need guidance and inspiration, then ask God. Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.

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