You Are the Genie in Your Own Lantern

Have you been living your life just waiting for someone to rescue you and make your dreams come true? When I was young I heard so many fairy tales and stories that ended with someone else granting wishes for people. Whether it was a fairy rescuing someone from her current life and granting her the life of her dreams, or a genie coming out of a lantern and granting someone three wishes. These are just a few examples of stories that begin to teach us the illusion of where dreams come from. Yet, as adults how many of us continue believing the illusion that dreams are granted by people other than ourselves? Have you released the illusion that you alone have the power to create your own dreams? If you chose to once believe an illusion, then open your mind to the truth that you alone have the power to change the course of your own life and make your grandest dreams come true.

After my mom passed away after a long battle with breast cancer, I went on a spiritual journey and deepened my relationship with God on a level I never thought possible. Through this ten-year journey, God revealed to me the power you and I have to create the life we ultimately desire to experience. Because you are connected as one to God, you have the power to create your own miracles rather than wait for someone else to do this for you. The creative power resides within you if only you can learn to see the world through the eyes of love rather than fear… through the eyes of unlimited possibilities instead of through limitations. My goal through these blogs is to help you see your life Through the Eyes of Truth. Writing this book changed my life and it could change yours!

If you can always remember that you are a perfect spiritual being having an imperfect physical experience, then you will empower yourself beyond measure. You do not have to earn your place with God, as you are already an extension of Source energy. Your experiences don’t define you, they only allow you to understand who you are by experiencing who you are not. You are energy and vibrate at various frequencies. How you create is what you focus your thoughts, emotions, and actions. What you think about you become. What you focus your energy on, you create. Knowing this, then it only makes sense that if you can harness your energy on creating an experience, bring the emotions of already having that experience in your life, and then acting and creating your life through action steps supporting the creation of this dream, then you can bring it into fruition.

You will have to step into the unknown. It won’t be easy… but it is possible. Your goal in creating a new dream is to change your limiting thoughts into the reality of living in the world of possibilities. In other words, you hold the pen to write the story of your life word for word. You may be in a place right now where spiritually you doubt that God even exists, but what if God has been trying to answer your prayers and you haven’t been listening? You cannot have a relationship with anyone that is only one-sided. Keep an open mind and look at your life through the eyes of truth. You don’t need an imaginary genie or fairy to grant you wishes. God is the co-creator of your life and he is the one you should be seeking a relationship with.

Do you now understand the three things my child that it takes to manifest all experiences which bring you love and joy? You need to first go within and turn your energy to self and you will experience self-love. For in order to create love in your life, it must first be created on a foundation of self-love, so the only validation and course you are seeking is truth. Second, you must seek God who resides within yourself and expresses His truth and love through your own soul. God is the Creator of all and is the only source of love. In order to know that which you love, you must seek. Lastly, you must be aware that love and time co-exist, so if you are spending your time creating that which you love, you will in turn create the life of your dreams. That my child, is the secret of life that so many souls have been seeking throughout their entire lifetimes. Go now, and share this truth with all who choose to understand

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose – by Suzy Bootz

The beautiful part of your relationship with your creator is that if you ask God for something your heart truly desires to experience, then God has given you free will. You will be expected to create this dream one step at a time. You don’t get to sit back and wait for God to be your genie, as you are on this journey through life to experience being a creator in the physical world. The possibilities are endless, so choose a dream you love and are willing to commit to creating during the times of joy and the times where you must walk on a road of faith paved by you alone. The journey will be the most empowering experience and you may even ignite a light within someone else to realize their own potential as a child of God.

My Mindset Masterclass Coaching will help you change your perspective in some of the greatest illusions in your life. You can learn how to empower yourself through your own choices and harness your own power to create your greatest dreams. If you want to see your world through the eyes of truth instead of illusion, order your copy of Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose today!

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Your journey begins with a prayer.


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