You Are the Creator and Observer – 9 More Days!

You Are the Creator and Observer – 9 More Days!

“In this journey into self-love you became awakened to the truth of the power of prayer and the power of God. For only by seeking me and desiring to know your truth were you able to open yourself up to the world of possibilities of what you cannot see. Your soul uncovered the meaning of love and the meaning of life. You discovered you are both the creator of your experiences and the observer. You create through your thoughts, emotions, and actions and observe using the same process. By honoring your passion of writing, your soul experienced a healing unlike any other and you will continue in your awakening by sharing this journey with another.

For in the world outside of you lies a world filled with fear which separates souls from their Creator. In your search to discover yourself through understanding fear, you grew to understand love. My child, you have been so afraid of dying that you forget to live in the moment and cherish your life in the way you know it. Do you not think the souls who have crossed over the veil of illusion seek not to remind you all is perfection in this journey? Do you not think their only hope is to shake you out of your trance and remind you this journey is an illusion that doesn’t define you? Each of you have legions of Angels and souls connected to you on a level you will never understand if you remain in an emotional place of fear.

Cease from creating the same patterns of life that confine you. Relish in the truth of knowing you are all creators and nothing can ever separate you from the power of God.  If you find yourself experiencing fear when focusing upon your dream, realize you are in a place of reaction rather than creation. For when you feel the emotions of fear you are observing the dream being detached from you, and are reacting to the anxiety the perceived separation creates. When you are in a place of deliberate creation you are creating from a place of love, and are experiencing the connection to your goal before you even perceive it in the physical world. Become aware of your emotions and let your soul guide you back to the place of love.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia

Celebrate the 9 days left until Easter and The Rising, by creating your greatest dream. I cannot think of a better way to give all glory to God. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Live Inspired Miracle Workers,