You Are All Chosen

As a coach, I have worked on changing the perspective of women across the world when it comes to the illusion of competition. When I finally viewed competition Through the Eyes of Truth, I had to realize that our greatest competition lies within us. There is a misconception in this journey through life, which is that we all have to compete with others for something we want to experience. However, since we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience then what our soul ultimately wants to experience through any competition comes down to more than just a prize. Any prize we see in the physical world is something that can be replaced….such as a trophy, a crown, a car, or even money. All of these prizes from competitions are material goods that can be replaced by other material goods.

Yet if you are looking to create an experience, even if it appears that this experience is a contest or competition win, then your soul is trying to create an emotion. Whether this emotion comes down to joy, inspiration, fulfillment, or even empowerment, the expression your soul is trying to connect to is an emotion that makes you feel good. You and I are all connected through God, because God is one with each of us so we are one with each other. There is nothing to compete for, as you are all chosen to create experiences in your life that will bring you love or fear. If you keep this in mind, then ask yourself what your new life goal looks like to you? It does not have to duplicate anyone else’s as your blueprint on a soul level is something only you can connect to.

So, the power to achieve your dreams comes down to the process of creating them. Granted, many of us do try to enter contests of large varieties because we believe there is a prize that will bring us joy once we have it. Your role as the creator in your own life is to connect with the emotions having this experience will bring you. I have lost more pageants than I have won. However, in the process of not winning I learned how to create experiences that empowered me nonetheless. When I finally realized that with every step of my journey, I was praying more and learning how to listen to Gods response. Since I am one with Source (as are you) then each of these competitions I entered, I knew in my soul whether I was going to walk away with the prize or not. I felt either connected to the outcome on a soul level or I felt disconnected and anxious.

This didn’t mean that not winning hurt my feelings, because it did. However, when I realized that I was ultimately responsible for creating what my soul ultimately wanted to experience, then I began competing differently. You are all chosen to create experiences in your life that will bring you greater joy than you have ever known. It’s only when you realize that the prize is not actually the gift, when you will open your mind and your heart to the level of creation you are capable of. The gift never really comes in the form of the material prize. So often the gift comes in the form of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-sufficiency. These gifts are so valuable, that your soul is in fact trying to connect to these from the process of competition.

My child, you are chosen to create something so great by first discovering greatness within yourself. If you would realize your truth is as valuable as the recognition you seek from another, you would spend more time valuing yourself and honoring your inner voice. For that voice you wish to silence every day is in fact my voice speaking truth into your soul. Rather than seeking to escape it, choose to be still and listen. If I ask you to reveal to the world around you the vision of something greater than they are aware, is it not of interest to you to ask how? I will answer you and await your next co-creative move until together you and I have created that vision from the mere attention to it.

You must have the faith to see that which lies not before you in the physical form and the courage to act on it even though every seed of doubt is springing forth. You desire to reveal to the world the creation of utopia, but my child you are the one soul who seeks to understand. Courage is such a powerful emotion in which to act upon. For it represents to you the voice of truth in that which you have been seeking and the love of that which you desire to create. Walking alongside me one step at a time allows you, the creator of your greatest vision, to understand that which you are creating so you may share it with those who wish to know.

Creating a blissful and joyous state of mind is similar to creating a house on the sand which cannot be moved. The foundation represents the faith you have to add value to something that in the world’s eyes has lost its value. The courage represents your ability to take action and tear down the walls to design a greater purpose for that structure. Finally the vision you have to see beyond the old walls and dingy rooms represent the ability to have to dream beyond that which the eyes can see. Dream your life through the eyes of truth my child and create your dream brick by brick so the foundation cannot be touched. For your dream represents the dreams of so many souls who desire to construct a vision to call their own but have forgotten their own greatness.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Never be afraid to fail at achieving your dream. When you open your mind and heart to the possibilities that you are creating something so much more valuable in your life, then you won’t be afraid. The courage comes in accepting your own gifts rather than waiting for the world to applaud you. If you have a dream that you have tucked deep within the walls of your own soul, then dust off the cobwebs and bring this dream to life. You are the creator and God has already chosen you to receive your greatest gifts. Your journey begins with a prayer.




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