You Are All Chosen

Have you ever imagined winning the lottery? Something that is so extraordinary that it would be life changing. Can you just imagine your name being drawn out of millions of entries, and being handed the opportunity to change someone’s life…inspire them in a way that would create a ripple effect across the globe. What would you do to seize this life altering moment? Have you thought about it? What is your gift that when you create it, this vert experience brings so much love and joy into your heart that you want to share it with the world? The next time you envision buying a lottery ticket or entering a contest, ask yourself what you would do to change someone else’s life.

I believe we are all chosen to do something life changing for ourselves and through this experience we can empower another person. Yet, you forget how powerful a child of God you are, and often overlook the gifts you have been blessed with in order to inspire change. God created you in his likeness, so abundance of anything that brings love and joy into your soul is your birthright. Yet all too often you believe that you must have the approval from the world around you in order to create your life from the power of your own gifts. In fact, the truth is that you can experience change from your reality within to see it manifested in the world outside of you.

Embrace your uniqueness rather than attempting to be a version of somebody else. Take this gift God has given you and use it in your life daily to bring inspiration to yourself first, and then you may be able to inspire another person through your gift. After all, you must be the most important person in your life to experience your very own gifts. Rather than appreciating and developing them further, you tend to dismiss them. This not only creates a disservice to you but a disservice to God. You are all chosen to create change and the change must begin with yourself.

“Do you understand every soul on this journey through the physical form is experiencing their greatness? Yet rather than appreciating your differences so many judge yourselves and others for not being the same. You feel the connection of a dream so deep within your spirit, stirring and just waiting to be acknowledged by you. Rather than fostering it through love and building that dream within, you diminish its importance. You would rather betray self than to honor your calling because you fear the disapproval from another. Yet you wonder why so many of you are walking through this illusion of life feeling empty and unfulfilled.

If you spent the same time seeking understanding of self through communion with God as you do following another soul’s journey on their dream, you would know what it is to truly be in co-creation with Source. Yet so many of you would rather sit back on the sideline of life and judge another for their co-creation and experiences, than risk being vulnerable and living your own life. You have somehow convinced yourself of an illusion that the world around you is your vision and therefore you are subject to the experiences presented to you. Choose to be proactive in your own life and understand that your dream will never be given to you by another. You must first create it from the power of your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Knowing this, would it not serve you greater to actually seek truth from the depths of your soul and understand the power of your dreams lie not in the hands of another, but through the power within? Rather than looking at another soul who has accomplished a dream so great and wishing it to be yours, choose instead to seek the creation of your dream through prayer. If you spend energy and time wishing you too could have the dream another has created in their life, you may never know what it is to create your greatest vision. Instead of comparing the dream of another against your own worthiness, choose to value yourself enough to create your own dream.

You are all chosen to walk a path that is only yours to create. This path is made of cells and energy that only your soul can connect to. Within the course of this path is a dream so magnificent that you will awaken every morning to the anticipation of this journey. Your steps will align with its path and your heart will dance with every breath you take while enjoying your vision. You will feel so connected to me my child, this vision will appear to be a journey we are embarking on together. For the very first time you will know what it is to call your soul home and trust the answers to your prayers are being fed to you in such a clear and concise manner, there will be no doubt you are walking in your truth.”

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

When you can make the choice to honor your own calling, then you have created the opportunity to make a difference in your own life and in the life of another person who you may never even meet. The next time you enter that contest or buy a lottery ticket, ask yourself how you would change the world with your new opportunity. Then begin doing that very thing now. You may surprise yourself and build a deeper relationship with God in the process.

Your journey begins with a prayer.

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