You Are the Creator

Are you bored with your life? When you wake up in the morning, do you get excited about the day ahead of you? I’ll be honest, until I wrote my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose, I never knew what it felt like to be excited about my day. Although I had a great career, I knew I wasn’t living my purpose. Now… I cannot wait to get my day started because I wake up and say a prayer of gratitude before my feet hit the floor! I have been doing this daily practice for many, many years. So, how can you find your purpose and get excited to live your life?

As I have been working to brand my books and my Personal Development coaching, I realized that I have been feeling detached. There was something missing as I was searching the internet for answers to questions, I wasn’t even sure I was asking. Despite writing 3 books on my own answered prayers, I realized that I had been ignoring my own God whispers when I was looking for answers to my life calling in the world outside of me. As soon as I realized this, I set my computer down and sat down in a quiet place to meditate and pray. Prayer is my time to ask God and meditation is Gods time to speak while I listen.

By the end of the day, I had my answer. I needed to go back to writing myself into the story of my life. I needed to create a new story and walk forward with a message that will resonate within myself first. Looking back at the past few months, I realized I was no longer doing this. I had managed to become the observer in my own life rather than the deliberate creator. As a result, I felt detached to the emotions of my dreams and felt as if I was just watching… much like many of us do through the constant scroll of the social media. If I am to write myself into my own story, then I have to be deliberate in doing those things that bring love and joy into my heart. This is why I began writing my blogs again, working out again, and taking time to meditate and deepen my relationship with God again. If I look at these three goals – they all make my heart sing. I mean the pure joy, sing it out loud kind of music that I get when I feel I am the artist in the song of my life. I needed to get back to Suzy again and stop watching so closely what the world outside of me was doing. I find this…. Finding my hallelujah again! The beautiful thing is that I don’t need the approval or the permission of anyone around me to create these things that bring love and joy into my heart! This is one of the first lessons I was taught during my conversation with God when I wrote my book, Through the Eyes of Truth.

Enjoy the journey through this life. It is such a short and sweet taste of what you can create in heaven and on earth. Do your hands seek to experience touch? Then touch all that can be felt around you. Enjoy the bliss of energy being passed through your fingertips into your heart and soul. You have manifested such love in your life, yet you still seek to fulfill that hollow space in your heart. If you lay still in the tranquility and perfection of peace, it will reveal itself to you in ways you have never imagined. For it is in the journey, that the love is created and in turn, manifested into that which you desire. Don’t wish to just experience the ending, when the joy and satisfaction is in the journey. – Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

What are you doing to create love and joy in your own life? Do you realize that you hold the key to unlock abundance of anything you wish to experience? When you can stop looking outside of you and begin connecting to your own God whispers, you will realize you can create a life of bliss! Be the hero in the story of your own life.

Your journey begins with a prayer,

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