Write Your Own Story

As someone who has lived my life through the journey of answered prayers, one thing I know for sure is there is no unanswered prayer. Prayer led me to writing my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth as I literally wrote word for word the answers that came to me one day when I dropped to my knees and asked God to show me my truth. If you don’t believe in answered prayers, then I encourage you to listen to the audio version or read this book. I expect it will change your life, as it did mine. One thing I have learned is that we are all born with the key in our hand to create any miracle and any goal we truly want to experience. In my life, there have been many moments when I felt that my role was to ask God in prayer and then sit back and wait for God to drop this miracle out of the sky. However, as a spiritual being having a physical experience, God won’t take our free will away from us. This was a gift granted to each and every one of you so you can know what it feels like to create and become the miracle workers in your own life.

Free will includes the power to think for yourself, feel the emotions you want to experience, and act in the manner according to how you want to life your life. So, your thoughts, emotions, and actions all fall under the category of free will. Yet you cannot create anything without at least one of these elements and in order to create intentionally you need all three. With that said, when you ask God for a prayer request are you also asking yourself if you are willing to do the work necessary to create your experiences? Oftentimes we have control over them, and sometimes we don’t. Your role as an extraordinary child of God is to life your life to the fullest extent by creating the very experiences you are asking God to give you. In other words, you have the power to write the story of our own life one page at a time. How often are you inspired by stories of miracle workers who have overcome adversity or have created some amazing experiences that so many of us would love to create in our own lives?

Do you realize that you were born with the key in your hand to create the loftiest goals that fill your heart. Your role as a creator in your own life is to realize the power you hold within the walls of your own soul to create extraordinary change within your own life and possibly inspire the life of another. Look at your life as a beautiful story. The power you hold to write the truth of who you are within this story make create a ripple of change within your own life, as it allows you to begin living with intention and purpose. I realized the power I had to write my story when I wrote my second book of answered prayer with Creating Utopia. I asked God to reveal to me how to create an amazing goal I knew I was capable of creating in my own life. If I can create this goal, I truly believe my story will inspire at least one other person to realize the power they hold to create extraordinary change. After I asked God in prayer how to create this miracle, I wrote out word for word my God whispers and created these words into this beautiful book. As I was reading Creating Utopia this morning, I came across these words that I wanted to share with you in the event they may inspire you to write your own story…

What if you honor those around you by honoring your soul calling? When you look into a computer screen, allow it to advance your purpose rather than prevent you from discovering it. What if you could write one chapter in the book of life with your own contribution to love and prayer? What would you say? How would you want to impact the world around you which is in fact one within you? For when I call upon you to write your story in the book of life, I seek not to reveal to you the final book in advance. On the contrary, I will ask for your chapter and only whisper into your soul the outcome of the book without proof of its existence. Only then will you be called upon to trust the outcome and contribute what your soul desires to share in love.

My child this book is just one chapter in the story of your life. As you write it out word for word, you are in fact creating the connection to that which is in the spiritual realm and that which is in the physical realm. Your faith will lead you through the darkest corners of your illusion and reveal light in the realm of truth. For I wish not to control your experiences, rather to guide you back into the truth of your own creative power and the connection that you are one with me and I with you. There has never been a moment in time when we were not connected, yet your illusion through this physical journey has created the perception of separateness. Yet it doesn’t have to define you. Use this as an inner beacon that you must alter your course back into reality once again.

What better way to reveal this truth to you than through the power of a beautiful story. One that will ignite the light in another soul to remember their own truth. Yet this story has been revealed in order for you to understand that every soul walking through this journey of life is connected one to another. This story is to remind every soul of the power they have to create the life of their dreams and to understand that nothing is impossible in the spiritual realm. The only requirements are to walk in faith and to hear my voice. Yet in this journey you will receive unlimited love and joy from experiencing your own gifts through the power of creation. You will remind others they too have the same connection to the Divine as you have, and I am only waiting to help them write their own chapter of their story in the book of their life.

You need not see the end from the beginning. Only trust that I am that which I am. I have led you through the green pastures only to reveal to you a world so filled with joy, you will know not where I end and you begin. Have faith in the communion of prayer and know it is an honor when you include me in on your journey. Seek not that which no longer serves you, but know you alone must walk your path into truth with only the sound of my voice whispering throughout your soul. I will guide you and lead you into a truth so profound that you will one day see your life as one with everyone and everything around you. Know that I do not call upon those who hear not my voice, but those who are listening and honoring the quiet whispers in their soul. Seek me and know I am that I am. – Creating Utopia

God gave you this moment to create a magnificent life, and you will never know when your time will come to be as one with your creator. If you can live purposefully and intentionally, then you will realize you hold the power to create your greatest miracles. What are you waiting for? Listen to one voice for that inner guidance as you ask God to reveal to you his whispers. The time is now, and your journey begins with a prayer.

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