Worthiness: Your Greatest Fear?

Would you believe me if I told you one of the reasons you have yet to create your greatest dreams is because you feel unworthy of receiving them? The perception of worthiness is such a strong factor when it comes to creating any experiences for yourself. If you fail you acknowledge your own worth, then you cannot possibly expect the world around you to do this for you. Especially if the world is trying so hard to understand their own sense of self-worth. From this point on, do yourself a favor and realize the extraordinary child of God that you are, so you don’t need to seek this validation from the illusion around you.

Creating your life experiences depends on the relationship you have to yourself and to your dreams. Since the act of creation begins within then you need to establish a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. You need to accept yourself as being worthy of experiencing the greatest love you can create… I believe this is why we create experiences that bring our heart love. If you don’t feel worthy to experience extraordinary love, then you will often create situations that bring in fear, loneliness and sorrow. I didn’t understand the magnitude of this truth until I understood it through my answered prayers and God whispers….

“The feeling of unworthiness is derived from feelings of being unloved. Where there is fear, love cannot reside. When you experienced in your illusion the feelings of being unworthy, then you experienced lack of self–love. You watched as your feelings of being unworthy or unloved perpetuated into experiencing more of the same. You then expanded upon those same feelings by creating them into your reality where they would be supported. You chose to experience these feelings through the illusion of others not loving you, which in turn created more of the same.

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose – by Suzy Bootz

You cannot control the world around you, but you can control through your own thoughts, emotions, and actions how you treat yourself and how you choose to create your own world. The act of feeling worthy will determine the extent of what you choose to create. However, I used to believe that God chose lucky individuals to experience abundance of love and joy and used to think there was a “chosen” hierarchy. Not true. We are creators, and our role is to create and not to sit back and wait for God to do the work for us. We are all given free will so God will never impose on that free will. If you choose to act on it and create from it then you will reap what you sew.

Look at your greatest gifts and ask yourself if you are living your life through expressing them or have you hidden those gifts in the corner of your soul to collect dust? So often you can choose to neglect your greatest gifts that will ultimately bring abundance of love into your own soul, only because nobody else validated them for you. Self-love allows you to validate your own gifts and to enjoy them with or without the approval from the world around you. Are you willing to do this? The cost of creating your dream is high because you must release the illusion that you are not worthy of having all your heart desires….

If worthiness is your greatest fear then you alone can release the illusion that you have adopted and lived your life by. It is time to let this fear go and to see yourself through the eyes of God… through the eyes of truth. Are you ready to begin creating your life through love?

Your journey begins with a prayer.


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