Who Are You Giving Your Power To?

I hear myself on a daily basis telling my clients that they cannot serve two powers. You can either serve love or fear… man or God. There is room for one primary power of creation in your life. So, if you are waiting for the approval from another person and neglecting your God whispers, then you have chosen to worship man over God. It really is that simple. At first, I spend countless days, months, and years worrying more about what a particular person thought of me rather than obeying my truth which came from God. I knew it and felt it, yet I still chose to put aside my purpose of sharing this message because I felt I needed another person’s approval. This is a hard pill for me to swallow, because I should know better.

Since you and I are emotionally driven spiritual beings having a physical experience, then the strongest emotion will always win when we choose to act on it. In my case, as I was writing my messages from my answered prayer into books, I was also focused on pursuing my career as a coach. I wasn’t sure how to allow spirituality into my coaching while still helping my clients push forward into the next level of their goals. For some reason, I felt it needed to be separated, but it is hard to have a conversation with me without realizing that I am a spiritual person. My role was to be able to balance sharing myself and my message without overstepping my boundaries. The more I prayed and practiced, the better I got at it.

For years God had been telling me to trust him and push through my fear. I only wish that I would have claimed my courage and done so immediately. This would have spared me from a great deal of stress and heartache. When your soul knows truth and your mind chooses to walk in denial of that truth, then your spirit feels torn… at least mine did. One afternoon I was meditating and God showed me a vision of a single puzzle piece dangling… just ready to fall. Then I heard the words, “this does not define you,” and I knew this puzzle piece represented a fear I was using as an excuse not to move forward on my spiritual journey. When we are given truth, we cannot lie to ourselves and convince ourselves of a falsehood. Prayer opens the communication lines to a deeper connection with God who will always feed your soul, mind, and heart with truth.

Our role is to act on this truth and create new experiences that support more love and joy in our lives. Since I am the creator of my own experiences through how I focus my thoughts, emotions, and actions, then there was no way I would create my miracle without feeding it the proper attention it needed to come into fruition. “Where truth exists, falsehood cannot reside.” So, once I realized that I was not walking my truth, I needed to release the fear of not getting someone else’s approval and replace that fear with already having Gods approval. Once I did this, it literally felt as if I could breathe again. A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders and I was now giving my power back to God.  I know I am aligning with my miracle with every step I take into a deeper connection with God, myself, and my goals. Because in order to connect to my goals, I need to establish a healthy and loving relationship with myself, and in order to have this relationship with self, I am creating a more fulfilling relationship with God. He is my power.

Remember where truth exists, there can be no lies. Where love exists, there can be no fear. Where God exists, there are only endless opportunities into self-discovery and self-love. You need not understand what provokes another to perform in a certain way. Rather seek to understand your own truth and motivations. There you will find complete understanding.

Bow your head for a moment and take yourself on a journey into your own soul, and toward the freedom from constraints of fear, lack, and pride. Trust that which you seek is within yourself. The love and acceptance you have been searching for your entire life is awaiting you. Within your own souls perfection lies the truth that will set you free. Within the beautifully lit rooms of your own soul, will you discover the difference between illusion and reality. Go now and discover your journey into the most perfect experience of life that you have to offer yourself. I am with you always. Seek me first, and all that you seek in love will be given unto you.

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose


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