Where Do You Stand?

Through writing my book, Creating Utopia Living Life as a Miracle Worker, God taught me that anything we choose to create comes down to experiencing love or fear.  Since Utopia represents a state of mind where everything is bliss and joyful, then our job as creators in our lives is to be in a state of utopia as often as possible. I will admit that I have spent many moments standing at the intersection of fear and love or illusion and utopia. My mind wants to believe what my soul knows to be truth, yet what I see in the world outside of me often challenges my faith. After all, if I am to walk in faith towards a goal that God has revealed to me to be my truth, then I won’t actually see it in the world outside of me until I align with it in the world within me.

How do you walk in faith and keep your mind focused on creating your greatest goal? That goal that you know will bring you love and joy to a level you have never experienced before? How do you get through those “am I crazy?” moments when you just want to believe that the impossible can become possible? Although my spiritual journey has empowered me more than anything else I have ever created before, I still have moments of doubt. I realize that often we are standing with the option of two choices. Option #1 is to pick love and walk your faith journey with courage, or option #2, which is to dismiss your God whispers and follow the masses in the world who are just as lost as you are. Strangely enough, we often pick option #2 because it is comfortable for us.

But what if the masses haven’t yet heard their God whispers? Or worse yet, what if they have heard them but have chosen to ignore them because they don’t believe that God can answer prayers? Would you believe that your journey would be filled with love and joy? Or would it be filled with fear and anxiety because you are focused on illusions that won’t create a life of purpose for you? Every day you stand at the intersection of illusion and utopia, and you get to choose which path to take. Since God gave you free will, he will never make the choice for you. So, what if you decided for the next 30 days to live your life through prayer and walk in faith? How would your life change? Since you have already seen what living your life is like without honoring your God whispers, maybe you can decide to challenge yourself and create a new spiritual journey…

Now as you stand at the intersection of illusion and utopia, how do you want to create your life? If you choose to continue living in an illusion, you cannot go back to deceiving yourself of the fact you were not aware of the co-creative process. If you look at the long road ahead where utopia resides, are you willing to walk along this path using me as your guidance system? Will you keep your communication open and ask questions along the way? Are you willing to leave behind the baggage where you carried many years of illusion filled burdens so many people and experiences placed upon you during your journey here? For what you desire my child needs no baggage as you will place the old ones down and walk with one new one. An empty bag that will allow you to place the tools necessary to help another release their self-imposed burdens.

You are relinquishing many years of old baggage and replacing them with one small one where you will story knowledge, wisdom, and grace to share with another how they too can create their own utopia. For in your journey you will replace the old with the new. On your road to creating a new home where your soul resides, you will rebuild the foundation to hold your new partnership with God. This foundation will be so strong that nothing can break it down. I will uphold you in your quest to remind self of your own magnificence. Your foundation will be established in a faith so deep that nothing will break it down, and a courage so resilient you seek me only for knowledge and understanding.

The walls in which you rebuild your new house will be formed from a truth of being in the moment of creation every step of the way and being deliberate in what you bring into this house. The walls of truth shall separate the dreams in your house rather than hide them. Each room will represent a new vision of grandeur for you to nourish and cultivate all of the dreams your soul can envision. Your new understanding that as perfect spirits having an imperfect experience through the illusion of the physical life, you are not a product of your experiences. The walls in your house will only serve to focus one by one on each dream your soul desires to create and paint that dream so colorful you will know it from your blueprint.

Creating Utopia Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Remember that everything in life comes down to choices as to where you focus your thoughts, how you feel, and how you act when it comes to your life. Even though you cannot control another person or situations out of your control, you can control how you react to these. Your mind is a powerful tool of creation and where you focus your attention is where you create your emotions. The next time you realize you are standing at the intersection of illusion and utopia, choose to live from intention and create experiences that bring love into your life. Your journey begins with a prayer.


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