When Your Dreams Push Against You

When your dreams push against you… push back! As spiritual beings having a physical experience, everything you focus your thoughts on and support with emotions and actions then you create. When you are trying to create a new goal in your life, then you are focusing on how your life would change if you were to have it now. After all, time is an illusion so whatever you wish to experience in the future you can actually create the emotions of already having in your life today. I have been trying to manifest a very lofty goal these past several years… yes, I said YEARS! I believe the reason it has been taking me so long to create this goal is because of fear. I KNOW this goal is in my reality, however I have been looking in the direction of fear instead.

Achieving anything involves wrapping yourself completely around your goal mind,, body, and soul. You must release the fear associated with having your dream or you risk failing to manifest it. You are a creator in your own life, and using the law of attraction and prayer you can manifest your greatest miracles. However, this takes work and sacrifice. The work comes through changing your thought patterns and realizing that the world within you is the reality and the world outside of you is the illusion. Then comes the emotions associated with already aligning with this goal. How would you feel today if you were to have this experience in your life? When you can create the details that support this dream, then the emotions of love and joy begin to fill your heart. You may feel this in the form of gratitude and appreciation which may then place a smile across your face. Relish in this creative process because you can do this exercise enough times throughout your days where the experience already feels like it is very much alive within you. Once this happens, then eventually you will see it manifested in the world outside of you.

What happens though when your dreams push against you? So often you can become discouraged if you don’t align with your new dreams as quickly as you would like. I believe when your dreams push against you then you must push back even harder. If you consider we are all energy and what you focus on you create, then increasing the energy flow and creating a deeper feeling of love and joy while you are visualizing and meditating may help you. However, you are also physical beings so you must be doing the work to create this goal. You cannot just sit back and pray and ask God to bring it into your life while you don’t do the work of creation. This isn’t how life works. If it were, then we could all sit and binge on HGTV, drinking coffee, and manifesting everything we wanted without giving an ounce of energy.

Dreams take an action plan of using thoughts, emotions, and actions. If you like me, were taught at a young age that it is important for the world outside of you to approve and like you, then creating your dreams may take extra effort. You won’t be posting conscious energy on the social media and expecting the world to “like” your posts. This law of creation we are all experiencing requires discipline and action, all without the approval or the permission of the world around you. So, when you are visualizing having your dream in your life today, are you experiencing the direct emotions of how you would feel or how others would perceive you once it is created? You must be the recipient of your own experience!

Love and luck are of the same breath, for what some consider to be luck as they witness the manifestation of anothers dream, is seldom understood as the love and passion this soul has placed into their own thoughts and emotion, to create that which the world seeks to label as luck. If you dismiss the creation of abundance with anothers luck, then you disregard the absolute truth that you can create everything your heart truly desires through self-love, self-acceptance, and self-sufficiency.

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose

As a child of God you have more power within your mind than you can imagine and more passion in your heart than you may have ever noticed. Live your life without limits and enjoy your connection with God as he guides you along your path.

Your journey begins with a prayer,


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