When God Says “It Is Done.”

Do you recognize Gods voice when it resonates through your soul? Having the chance to coach clients from all walks of life, I have encountered one common theme. This being our ability to trust our God whispers when they are clearly spoken into our hearts and being able to walk in faith through the unseen.  I will be the first to share that when I pray, I am always asking God for clarity. What’s so amazing is that I receive the clarity, yet am still asking for more “burning bushes” so I can feel better about walking my path.

When God whispers “It is done” into our hearts, it is because it is done! Just because we choose to act insecure and ask for more confirmations does not mean we will receive them. Our role as co-creators in our own lives is to walk in faith and trust the vision God has placed in our soul of our ultimate destiny. Whether it is winning a pageant or winning a new house, our role is to trust his word and walk in faith. This faith is where the connection of the physical and the spiritual meet. As spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are given free will to think, feel, and act in any way we choose to. God will never take this free will from us or Source removes our power of creative energy to experience our lives in the manner we wish to create.

However, it is through the spiritual experience where we see what is not yet revealed in the world around us when we must learn to use our physical energy to create the experience. Every day God reveals to us people who have moved beyond their fear to create what the world deems as miracles. Whether these come in the form of winning the lottery, creating a new innovative tool that enhances our life, or healing in ways we never imagined, we are witnessing this in the world around us. Yet so many of us will think these people who experience these blessings are “chosen” or “lucky” so we immediately remove ourselves from the possibility that it can happen to us.

What if you vowed today to create new experiences in your life in 2018 by removing your own self-imposed limitations and live your life as a miracle worker? Realize that as a child of God, abundance of anything that brings you love is your birthright. You are “chosen” and you are “lucky.” Your role is to live your life in gratitude of being so, and think and act in ways that will allow you to create your loftiest goals. After all, if God believes in you then you should believe in yourself.

For more insight on how to live your life as a miracle worker, order my book Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker. 

If you want to discover a deeper connection with God, read my answered prayer in my book Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose.

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!


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