What’s My Why?

For weeks after my clear God whispers, I saw words just forming in my mind. It’s as if someone poured a huge bucket of words into my brain and they just kept multiplying until I felt such a strong urge to sit down and begin writing. As I sat down in front of my keyboard, I closed my eyes and asked God to let his words flow through my hands and I would stay out of the way and just right. Well, God did just that. Once again the words flooded through my mind and into my hands, and with every word I was processing Gods message. I could feel his love as these messages poured through me and with every word that came through my hands, I could feel Gods love, compassion, and even frustration. This was once again one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had, only one other was such a blessing when I wrote Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.

As I was writing these words, I realized God was blessing me with the knowledge of how the creation of dreams comes into fruition. Once again focusing the message on our own ability to create your goals through the power within you, God took me word after word through the journey of creation. As I was writing these words, I felt so connected to God and so loved. I realized as these words were being created on the screen that God was giving me the guidebook to creating utopia. This place in my life where all is peaceful, loving, and joyous. Yet these words also translated to creating my dream home from the walls within my soul. With the creation of each word, I learned how to focus my thoughts on connecting to my goal.

God showed me how I could take each room within the walls of my soul and open the window to my greatest miracles. I was realizing how the art of manifesting your goals begins with the emotion of love and combined with your focused thoughts, you can create an extraordinary life. I discovered how to apply the lessons of Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose and use the power of love to create what I love. If my goal was to inspire another person by “winning” a contest, writing a book, or sharing a blog, then as a creator with God I was to create the experience of already doing this. How? Start from the end and work backwards. In other words, the art of creation is about acting this moment as if your goal is already in your existence. Your thoughts should focus on seeing only this goal in your life today, while your emotions of gratitude and joy support the creation of this already in your existence.

“I have called many to awaken the hearts of those who still seek to know self through their Creator. Some will awaken and answer the call while others will remain in their fear-based trance. What will you do my child, when it is time to answer the call to awaken the souls in the world around you one person at a time? Will you cease to know self because you feel not worthy enough, or will you answer my call?

Be prepared to answer your own call through the truth of these words as they resonate within the walls of your soul. Know that you are aligned with your higher purpose, and have only to choose to connect with my light to guide you through the waters of life. You know truth as it resonates through your heart, yet you fear your own greatness. Being in alignment to receive is as important as aligning to recognize that which you are creating my child. For if you choose not to receive your creation, then how can you share with those souls around you the tools of remembering who they are? Do you not understand you must first walk your path alone so you may share with those who are lonely how to connect with their Creator?

Seek not the advice nor the approval from the world around you. Close your ears to those who shout illusion from the walls of their fear. They seek not to hinder you but to claim that which is not theirs. You have only to hear my voice and seek my truth in order to find your greatest blessings lying waiting for you among green pastures. If you falter in your faith and choose not to answer the call before manifesting your vision, then how can that dream you desire to create be seen? For I call forth not those who are standing boasting through their pride. Instead I call the meek who seek to know truth before deceit, and honor me before they honor themselves.”

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker



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