What Will You Contribute?

“Understanding the beauty of creation is more about the experience of creating love than it is about possessing something of value, what do you desire to give of yourself for the equal exchange of that value? For if you desire to know yourself in the truest sense of love, then your soul craves the knowing of creating love in exchange for love. Consider this an equal exchange of energy my child. As you cannot create fear from love energy, so you cannot create love from an energy of fear. Anything you wish to experience in the form of love must first be made manifest from love.

Yet so often a soul will look into the world outside of self, and seek to experience love from the creation of anothers energy. These energy vampires believe it is their right to claim something of love created by another soul, and wonder why they receive it not. Furthermore, these same souls will dare create from an energy of lack which produces fear, and not receive that which they feel entitled to have from another. Rather than seeking to understand the truth of their own creation, they blame it on my will that they are not worthy of receiving what they desired. Not understanding they received exactly what they created, even though it may not have correlated with what they desired.

In order to know you are creating something you desire to experience from the energy of love, then you must be in the creative process and giving something of love from within you. For instance, if you desire to create your grandest vision as an artist and wish to enter an art competition, you must create your masterpiece from such a place of love that the outcome of your art will evoke a sense of love… from you. Once you experience the love in which you have created, it becomes not important as to whether or not you win the coveted prize from another. The soul’s expression of creating from love was ultimately experienced by you, and it matters not that another failed to acknowledge it because you the creator felt the emotion you sent forth.” – Excerpt from Creating Utopia. For more insight on how to live your life as a miracle worker, order my book Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker. 

If you want to discover a deeper connection with God, read my answered prayer in my book Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose.

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!



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