What is Your Soul Saying?

Have you ever just sat in silence and listened to the sound of your own soul? If you have, then you undoubtedly heard God whisper into your soul and felt the vibration of Source speaking through you. Do you believe that your intuition is your God whisper? I do. As a matter of fact, I have always trusted my intuition and it has never been wrong… ever! As you learn to decipher your God whispers and understand the sound of God’s voice echoing within, it allows you to connect to your own soul. Since your dreams reside within you, and everything you want is already in existence within you, then it makes sense that your own soul already knows the experience of having that dream in your reality. You have to try to become comfortable just being alone and listening to the sound of your own breath.  So many people don’t like to meditate because you don’t feel comfortable sitting in silence with your own soul.

Since I was a child, I have always been comfortable listening to the sound of my God whispers, so being alone in my own soul is very comfortable for me. However, after my mom passed away I was filled with sadness and as a result I experienced severe depression. I could not sit alone in the silence of my own soul anymore, because my internal pain was almost palpable. It became unbearable so I could not sit in the silence of my own soul and listen for the sound of Gods voice. You need to be able to do this so  we can be alone with God. Healing begins within your own soul. If you cannot experience the emotions of discomfort, then you cannot move through the fear. Learn to listen to your soul as you pray, and understand what your internal guidance feels like. Once you can navigate through each corner of your soul, then it becomes easier to hear God when we are spoken to. From those sounds, you understand that you can feel, hear, and understand the presence of Source energy without having to make any attempt at all. The more you practice this, the more comfortable you will become with the process.

For you need not anyone around you to permit you to accomplish your dreams and goals, as you have only yourself to create them. Release the self-imposed limitations you have wrapped around your experience of illusion, and replace them with the feelings of self-sufficiency. For you need not the approval or the permission of another in order to accomplish that which your heart seeks to experience.

If you fear your own greatness, then own those feelings and blame not another that you chose to create the feelings through your experience. Another person cannot cause you to feel a certain way unless by choice, through thought and emotion, you choose to hold that experience. If you choose to create love for self, then focus your thoughts, your energy, and your complete emotions into channeling the feelings of love until you have replaced the fear with love. Use not the illusions of time or lack in which to deny yourself any longer. I tell you this, through denying self, you are denying uplifting another. You are responsible for your own gifts. By sharing them with yourself, you share them in turn with the light of souls around you. Instead seek to fulfill a purpose greater than yourself. – Through the Eyes of Truth

Your soul has every dream you can imagine stored within its precious walls, so search yourself until you know what you are capable of creating. Between your prayers and your moments of meditation, you are combining asking God for what you want and then listening for the answers to your deepest questions. This will be a journey unlike any other. Once you find peace within, then you will explore what you are capable of becoming.

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!


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