What Color is Your Faith?

Every day you get to choose what you desire to create in your life, yet so often you experience the same situations that create the same feelings you had the day before. Yet rather than question this creative process, you become anxious and more fearful because you think you are stuck in this self-imposed environment. If you would only stop briefly and realize your choices are what create the world in which you live. Granted you cannot control the world around you, but you can control your own thoughts, emotions, and actions that create your reality. Rather than worry about how you can manage your emotions in a difficult situation that does not serve your greater good, change your focus to thoughts that create new experiences for you.

Ask yourself what color your desire to paint in your reality this moment, and rather than using the same colors that brought you fear and sorrow, choose something new. If you desire to experience a world where you are filled with joy, then what do you have within yourself today that will allow you the experience of joy? What untapped gifts can you use to manifest new emotions that will create new experiences for you?

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Are you ready to create the life that is just waiting for you? I had to ask myself this question everyday this week as I prepared my blogs. Although I am thrilled beyond words of my dream, following through seems a bit more challenging than I thought it would. Why? Because I am so accustomed to looking for answers to my soul blueprint in the world outside of me. Since the dream I had was only between myself and my creator, then I have nobody else to ask when it comes to creating it… only my creator. From this point on, all of my questions must be extended to God for answers. My roadmap must come from my intuition, and my guidance from my God whispers.

There is not one single person who I can ask outside of God for the interpretation of my dream. Although this should freak me out a little bit, it actually brings my soul comfort. Only because this is how I wrote my books, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose as well as Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker. I wrote every word in these books through my answered God whispers and even edited them myself so nobody else could misinterpret the meaning of the messages that I received. Now that I am acting on creating and aligning with a dream only God has revealed to me, then it forces me into solitude and to tap into my internal whispers.

This means that I have tuned out the world of the social media and have tuned into the silence of my own soul. Since my dream revealed me standing in front of a door with a mist between myself and the door, then I feel God is telling me that I am not clear on my goal. This door will open up to a world of my own blueprint that will inspire me to walk my path and continue on my purpose. The color of my faith can be any color in the rainbow, which means that I don’t have to create my dreams from the colors that everyone else has chosen to create theirs by. If my door represents a new fitness goal, a new book, or a new goal that few people have created, then I am to create only using the colors that inspire me. It can become so easy to look at the social media or the television to see what others have created. Let’s say their individual dreams were created using colors that everyone loves, then everyone attempts to duplicate these successful individuals dreams using the same colors in the rainbow. However, what if your specific soul blueprint calls for you to use colors that YOU love. Those dreams that very few people have attempted to paint their canvas with? Would you walk away because you don’t believe it can be done? Or will you take your paintbrush and paint only the vision you can create with the colors only you love the most?

The color white is known of being void of color and holds the magnificence of all the majestic light frequencies. If you view your world in which you have created as being without color and representing all of the vibrations of hues, then allow yourself to be unique and paint yourself with the brush of the color you desire. No longer be willing to hide behind the sameness of those around you. Instead, you can shine your personality and your unique energy of light into the universe and allow yourself the freedom of expression through that which you love. My child, go forth into the story of your life and write out the pages as if no rules existed in the creative process. You have the ability to paint in colors you never even imagined. All you have to do is take the risk and trust Source within you.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

I am choosing to create my dream by using colors only I love. Maybe this journey is about allowing myself to be creative in my goal setting process and stop trying to emulate the world around me. To me this means I don’t have to duplicate the dreams of another or choose to share my journey the exact same way that everyone else does. If this blog was only meant to inspire me or one other person, then I am honored that God chose me to open this door. While you are in the process of discovering your purpose, are you looking only at what others have created? Or are you praying and asking God to reveal to you the key to a door that only you can open? Your journey does not have to mimic another person’s. It only needs to empower and inspire you to create more love in your life. Paint your miracle with any color of the rainbow you choose and ask God how to walk you towards your miracle step by step. Your journey begins with a prayer.


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