Turn Your Passion into Purpose

My mission is to help you unlock the door to the miracles that reside within you. There is a journey so powerful, just waiting for you to open the door and walk into an extraordinary experience just waiting for you to create. This journey is going to require you give up old beliefs and seek your truth from within. You will need to replace the voices of the world around you and only ask God for guidance. As you ask in prayer, you will also need to listen to the answers that will be whispered into your soul. As you receive your answers, you will develop a deeper relationship with God and be able to learn to trust your God whispers on a level you may have never even imagined.

I believe that love is the answer to any prayer. Truly. Think about it. When you pray, you reach out to God who is the source of love, you ask for a prayer request because your soul seeks to connect to love. Since we are energy beings having a physical experience, then we are asking God for a request that will being more love into our lives. Whether this love is to heal a sick child, asking for abundance, relationships, health, and anything your soul is praying for, you are asking the Source of love for a connection and something from love.

However, when we ask for something from God in prayer so often, we forget that prayer is a conversation. You speak and then need to allow God to speak as well. It has been my experience that God does not always answer immediately, and often you need to learn to tap into the sound of your God whisper in order to hear the answer. I can remember one day in my life when I was feeling so broken inside of my soul. God was shifting me from a career I had for almost 17 years, into a completely different direction in my career path. I felt rejected, hopeless, and scared. One afternoon I dropped to my knees and cried out to God to show me my truth. I was sobbing and literally on the floor crying hysterically.

With my eyes still closed, I saw the word WRITE appear in my minds eye. This shocked me and a opened my eyes for a moment as I was still kneeing on the cold tile floor. Closing my eyes again, I saw the same word…. WRITE. As I pulled myself up and wiped the tears from my face, I sat down at my computer and felt dismissed by God. How in the world could God tell me to write when I was begging and pleading for him to help me and show me my truth, I thought to myself. Then I looked at the dark computer screen and said to God, “what exactly am I supposed to write about?” I closed my eyes and suddenly the most beautiful feeling overcame me. I felt as if a blanket of love was being poured over my entire body and it brought me the most peaceful loving feeling I have ever experienced.

As I sat alone in the silence, I just breathed in this experience and knew without a doubt this was God covering me with love… literally. Then suddenly I began seeing words pouring into my mind as if they were being downloaded from a computer. A lot of words! Still feeling the amazing love throughout my entire body, I began focusing on the words being downloaded and knew these words were God answering my prayer. My connection to God was so deep that I not only saw the word but FELT the meaning of them as I was receiving them. Because I had been so focused on these words, I didn’t realize the tapping sound that was coming from my keyboard in front of me. As I opened my eyes, I saw the words I was typing were the same words God was giving me through my own answered prayer. Because I didn’t want the feeling of this divine connection with God to fade, I closed my eyes again and just continued typing the words coming into my mind as best I could.

When I looked again at the computer, I realized I had written pages and pages of my answered prayer. From that moment on, I used my free time to connect to God and to continue writing word for word the answers I was receiving from my God whispers. From these words, I wrote and published my first book titled, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose. The principles and lessons I learned through this book have completely changed my life for the better, and the most amazing gift I received from this book was a deeper relationship with God.

Many people who have read or listened to my book on audibles have asked me to apply these lessons to daily life. They want to understand how to create a deeper connection with God and how to live their lives through the eyes of truth rather than of fear. I thought long and hard about how to approach this and the same consistent theme comes to my mind. I need to apply the lessons from Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose to a goal in my life. Something that my soul feels connected to, and will make me uncomfortable in the mere thought of trying to achieve it. If I can apply the lessons from my book to the step by step process of achieving a brand-new goal in my life, then I can make these lessons more relatable and let you experience walking with God through my experience.

This may allow you to know what it feels like to have a deeper understanding of how God works through us to inspire and connect to one another. Since we are all one with God and Source is one with all of us, then we are all connected as one through God. If I can use this journey to inspire just one person to connect with God and see your life through the eyes of unlimited possibilities, then you will understand just a fraction of what you are capable of. Each lesson I will apply to my journey and allow you to understand how God works through us as creators in our lives. Prayer is the first step towards achieving a life of abundant love, because you are connecting to the Source of love… to the source of all there is. So, let’s take this journey together and see what it is like to walk with God through the eyes of truth.




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