Honor Your God Whispers

When you pray, do you wait to listen to the answers to your own prayers? When God whispers into your soul, do you recognize the feeling and the sound of your creator? I have learned through my own life that prayer is such a powerful tool, not only to joy but to living a life filled with love and purpose.

While you are learning to deepen your relationship with God through prayer, you are learning to honor your God whispers. Knowing what the sound of God’s voice sounds like as it resonates through your soul is like a gift you have held just waiting to be opened. Learning to listen through your conversations with God, allows you to create a deeper experience of knowing Source within you. There is nothing to fear by going within to extend yourself to God. In order to develop your relationship with Source, you need to recognize the sound of God’s voice. If you don’t know or are not yet clear, then ask God to reveal his voice to you so you will always honor his guidance.

After all, if you are seeking to know God within you then you need to understand what the voice of your creator sounds like. This will allow you to use your God whispers as your internal guidance system. Realizing a deeper connection to Source allows you the beauty to see yourself through the eyes of God rather than through the eyes of fear. In order to achieve any dream that has yet to be accomplished, you must change your perspective from feeling unworthy to feeling like the abundant child of God that you are. By honoring your God whispers, you intentionally set out to place the voice of God over the noise of the world, which allows you to serve love rather than fear.

The law of attraction implies that you are energy and create your experiences from that energy. By harnessing your energy through prayer, you are sure to create those experiences which bring abundance of love and joy into your soul. Focusing your energy through thoughts and emotions allows you to experience the feeling of already having what you desire iny our reality now. There is no separation between yourself and God other than through your perception of separateness. The same goes, that you are not separated from your greatest miracle, other than through the perception of being separate.

What reconnects you and aligns you with your dream is the thought and the emotion associated with already having it.  As co-creators with God you need to pray daily and meditate on the creative process that only supports already having this dream in your reality. When you meditate, ask God to reveal to you what this dream feels like if it were in your life today. Take it one step further and ask Source to reveal to you in detail your most magnificent version of what you can create. God will show you if you ask. Hold on to those moments and believe them as truth, and this will be your truth.

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If you want to discover a deeper connection with God, read my answered prayer in my book Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose.

Your journey begins with a prayer so honor your God whispers.

Live inspired Miracle Workers!


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