Time is an Illusion

Have you ever been so immersed in a daydream, that it feels as if you already have it in your life? I have always been a dreamer and there are so many moments when I am immersed in a daydream that it feels as if it is very much a part of me. When I wrote my book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose, it felt like I was one with Source. The emotions of joy when I wrote about love felt so real that I experienced being ONE with God and with everyone around me. There was no perception of separation, and the emotions this created filled my soul with extraordinary love. Then as I wrote, Creating Utopia Living Life as a Miracle Worker, I walked through the rooms of my dream home one room at a time and it felt as if I was present within the walls of my own soul’s home. It amazes me how we have the power to become one with our greatest dreams, yet the perception of being separate from them can trick us into believing that we will never get to experience them. How can that be if your greatest miracles already lie within you? It truly does come down to the illusion of being separate or the reality of being connected…. In other words, it comes down to our perception of having or not having the very experience we want in our lives.

I have already explained to you that time is an illusion and yet you build your entire physical existence on the illusion of time. You convince yourself that you do not have enough time to do those things which bring you great joy and love, yet you control how you spend the moments of your life. How can you tell yourself you have not the time to dedicate to creating your dream and then choose to dedicate that same time to creating fear? If you realized the amount of time you spend on memories that bring you fear from events already taken place or even the fear of moments to come, you would see how you spend your time. The purpose of time is to allow you the measure of life and how you spend your moments being co-creators in your life.

By choosing to live in the present moment and visualizing already having the dream you desire to experience in your life, you are making use of your time to be aligned with the creation of that dream. However if you choose to squander your moments by creating fear then blaming another for your lack of time, then you alone are responsible for the creation of that fear. By aligning yourself to the reality of that which you desire to experience has already been created by you and for you, then you spend your moments in the truth of living that creation. You need not see it immediately in your physical presence to know with all of your mind, body, and soul this vision of creation is already yours. You need only to remember that as one with your Creator, you can align with my presence and you will feel the creation of this dream turn into a reality.

Because you are so accustomed to being present in your physical world and basing it as reality, you sense the separation from your dream. Reminding yourself of the truth that you are already present in the love of this dream will shift your awareness from not having to already experiencing the joy and love this dream brings into your life. Make this such a reality for you that you no longer feel comfortable living in an illusion of separateness.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

When you pray, you not only ask God to connect you to your dream, but your soul connects to that very thing you want to experience on a soul level. Since you and God are one, then what you are seeking to connect to is also one with you. However, if you are not looking in the direction of your dream, then it becomes invisible. Think about how many times you have misplaced items, and despite spending hours looking for them, they appear right in front of you! They were always there, however since you were looking in a different direction and focusing your attention towards something else, you could not see them. I believe it is the same with our dreams.

When you are not connected to your dreams on a soul level, then it appears that time creates a separation from experiencing them. Yet, how can that be when all you have to do is go within your own soul to experience the emotions of having your dream? I believe what we ultimately desire to experience with any dream is the emotions of love. Our soul continuously tries to connect with our Creator, so as spiritual beings having a physical experience, your soul is trying to connect to God through experiences of love. Time does NOT separate us from God since we are one with our creator, so time cannot separate you from the emotions of already having your dream. You can experience the joy and love in your soul at this very moment and then continue growing this love as your actions follow into the creation of your dreams. Your journey begins with a prayer.


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