How Does God Answer Prayers?

You are all born into this miraculous life, and each day through your journey you can choose to become closer to me or separate yourself from me. My child, your relationship with me is your greatest wealth. For you and i are one and through me lies abundance of the deepest love you will ever experience and the greatest joy your soul will ever know. I require nothing from you but your time and energy. I seek not to punish you for any wrong-doing, for this is a great illusion you have been taught. I only seek to know you on a deeper level of love, faith, and creation. For it is in those experiences where I seek to know you from a place only you and I can share.

Your attention to your thoughts will build upon our relationship, and from there will your emotions ignite into a love so powerful that you will understand what a beautiful child you are in my eyes. Seek to understand your relationship with me by going within your own mind to think for yourself and create our sanctuary. Allow it to be formed in such a sacred space in your soul that you protect and nourish our relationship as you would protect your greatest riches. Blessings must be counted daily in order to receive more blessings, so have the courage to walk in faith and see beyond what is reflected by your own hands.

For as your hands in past moments have created fear, you must look ahead to see only the abundance of that which you wish to own in your sight. Wander not to the right nor to the left, but remain on the path in which your soul knows will lead you to the waters of life. Count not your wealth through monetary pieces of currency, but look at your whole life as a treasure chest filled with silver and the finest gold. Ask not another to define the value of your gifts, especially if they have failed to cultivate their own gifts into their greatest abundance. For abundance is not identified through only currency, but through the gift in its entirety. 

The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping Into the Abundance Within


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the vision God showed me one night is worth several million! I wish I could have you sitting next to me when I received a series of visions and dreams while God was unfolding my soul blueprint in front of me. At first, I was elated, then I became nervous, and finally I think i just got lazy and expected God to drop it into my lap one day when I least expected it. Have you ever done this? Been shown a vision from God so great and masterful that your initial thought is, “Who, meeeeee?” 🙂 I’m almost sure you have been shown some amazing visions and felt so deep within your heart that this is truth… you felt it at the core of your being. Well, let me tell you that you are one very special person! When God shows you incredible visions or dreams of your life, it is because it is already done. It’s been created by God. You have just been shown the end result… not the beginning.

So, this is the most amazing part of having a relationship with God. Whether you believe your God whispers or not, does not affect how much God loves to help you brings your greatest dreams into fruition. (insert sigh of relief here) I truly believe that once God shows you that ultimate goal you have been dreaming about, or the relationship you have been waiting for, he has already created it. Your job is to go within the walls of your soul and connect to it. Easy peasy right? Not so much! The vision is just the beginning of your journey as a co-creator with Source energy. Once God reveals to you this incredible vision and asks that you believe in it enough to walk in faith. Well, what does this mean exactly? It means you must see yourself at the end of the journey already having this goal in your life now.

Your emotions must be so connected with the gratitude and love it brings into your life, that just the mere thought of this vision places you in the moment of connection… of already having it! This requires that you shift your mindset to focusing on this goal within you. Let’s face it, this shift isn’t easy. Why? Because we are taught as children that the world outside of you is the reality and the world within is “just your imagination.” (if I had a dollar for every time that was said to me.) Well, my Miracle Workers I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. The world within you is the reality and the world outside of you is the illusion. It changes as your thoughts, emotions, actions, and perspective changes.

Think about it… when you pray you go within. When you study, think, and learn, you go within. When a doctor pulls on the knowledge to perform a surgery, they pull from the wisdom and experience from within. When an athlete trains and finally executes a flawless performance, they go within to push their bodies beyond their own potential. When you cry, your emotions from within your own body, mind, and soul are the catalyst to creating your tears. These examples and so many more are reminders that the world within you is the reality and the world outside of you the illusion. So, wouldn’t it serve you to embrace the world within yourself so you can truly know what it is to create a life of abundance of love, joy, peace, and even potential wealth.

When I wrote The Wealth Blueprint:Tapping into the Abundance Within, I listened to my God whispers and wrote them down word for word. Although this was my answered prayer, the words in this book may inspire you to see beyond your old limits and patterns that no longer serve you. Even if you connect to one paragraph in this amazing book, it may just be the tipping point you needed to get you to the next level of creating your greatest miracles.

My prayer for you is that you fill your cup with self-love, self-acceptance, and self-sufficiency. Look at your life through the eyes of truth and build your empire from the inside out! God is your co-creator, so whenever you feel stuck and helpless, ask God to show you what your situation looks like through his eyes. Then you will realize how much potential you truly have to live the life of your dreams! Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.

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