The Wealth Blueprint

Money is nothing more than a form of expression which you have chosen to deem more worthy than your own souls. You believe you are not worthy of having money, when in fact money is nothing more than energy focused to create currency. Lowering your worth to less than a material possession is the greatest form of self-destruction. How you perceive yourself and the value you are to yourself is going to determine what valuable experiences of love you will choose to bring into the process of your life. My child, you are so much more than your experiences. I seek to have a loving relationship with you every step of your miraculous journey. Do you realize not that all of you are on a journey through a prayer? Yet when you began this journey, many of you were instructed to focus on the opinions of the world around you rather than on the voice of God.

Now I send you messengers to remind you of your own truth. Your wealth blueprint, your soul blueprint, and everything you choose to create in your experience of life all begin and end with God. Seek to know me on a personal level that exceeds what another has told you should be attained. For your soul seeks to know truth in a journey of creation. Realize that during this experience called your journey through prayer, it all begins and ends with God. Into this world you are born alone with God and out of this world you will leave with God. You are never alone. Your journey begins and ends with one voice and one source of love. Do not allow any illusions to ever diminish your worthiness as a child of God. Seek to know yourself as a powerful co-creator with the almighty. Allow your imperfect experiences to wash off of you like the tide flowing in and out of the mighty ocean.

For it serves you not, nor does it serve humanity if you choose to make yourself invisible in this life. See yourself through the eyes of God and through the eyes of truth. Only then will you know what wealth represents. Only then will you close your eyes one moment in perceived lack and experience yourself as abundant in money when you open your eyes once again. Close your eyes to illusion and open them to truth. Pray to me, seek to know my voice, and connect to my guidance so I can walk with you down your personal miracle. I love you now and forever. – The Wealth Blueprint


My name is Suzy, author of The Wealth Blueprint. My personal journey of prayer began when I hit my life’s lowest point. I’d reached a standstill in my life. After leaving the security of a job I’d known and trusted for over 17 years, I was more scared than I’d even been. I craved guidance, support, and reassurance. I wanted to know that everything would be ok – but nobody was telling me that it would be.

It was one day after finding myself falling to my knees in prayer that I received the answer. God made it clear to me that I needed to write – and I needed to write immediately. While I’ve believed in the power of prayer since I was a little girl, and have lived my life with the echoes of God’s voice reverberating through my soul, it wasn’t until that night that something changed, and I truly understood what it meant to pray.

If you’re like many people out there, you’ve probably felt anger at God for not answering your prayers. Most people use prayer as a tool to make themselves feel better, without actually expecting any answers in return. When they don’t get these answers, some people give up and turn away from God.

But – I ask you this. Have you ever asked somebody a question, only to turn around and walk away? That wouldn’t make much sense now, would it? Praying is no different. We cannot ask God for answers without giving him enough time to provide those answers. God is our greatest teacher of patience, which we must exercise if we want to make a true, lasting change in our lives.

The Wealth Blueprint was written to help you find your truth through the power of prayer. By reading this book, you’ll learn to take control over your own abundance and realize you have the power within your own mind to create abundance of love, joy, happiness, and even wealth. The Wealth Blueprint allows you to go within your own soul and uncover what your blueprint looks like and how you can strengthen your relationship with God and start hearing his voice whenever he speaks to you.

If you desire to create one million dollars in cash or millions of dollars in value through a beautiful new dream home, you are the creator of your own story. Your soul seeks truth through the expression of your hands, your heart, and your mind. For you write your chapters into being one word, thought, and deed at a time. Knowing this, why do you choose to seek your truth out through the lost souls in the world around you? All you need already exists within you, and it will lead you to connect to its existence through your own heart. – The Wealth Blueprint

Whether we acknowledge it or not, God lives within all of us. He’s waiting for your questions, so that he can give you the answers you seek. I want to inspire you to find yourself again and step into the future with confidence – hand-in-hand with God.

After reading this book, my prayer for is is that you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to tap into the voice within and create an incredible life filled with abundance, joy, and love. You’ll learn to transcend beyond your physical existence and take control of your higher purpose, resonating better with yourself, God, and the world around you.

Soon enough, you’ll know exactly what to do to connect to the abundance within you. All you have to do…is ask.

Your journey begins with a prayer,


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