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I wish I could reach through this computer screen and give you a great big hug!

I never thought I would be so excited about sharing with you some brilliant God whispers that are catapulting my heart into a new level of Miracle Worker right now. Especially, since I have been in the middle of this Texalaska weather these past 6 days. But I must be over the moon excited because our house has had power since last night! We have heat, lights, and hot water and you could have told me that I won the lottery and I’m not sure I would even be more excited!!! You see, miracles do happen and you and I are living amidst miracles every single day!!!

I cannot begin to describe the overwhelming joy of finding out that my sister has gotten her first hot shower in a week, and my friend’s family member just woke up from being unconscious as a result of an accident on these Texas roads and had his incubation tube removed this morning. Miracles, miracles, miracles! I truly believe that gratitude is the greatest magnet to miracles that you have. It draws on the energy of love and your miracles live within that energy frequency.

Since I love my relationship with God and see every situation as an opportunity to connect with Source and become a greater version of myself, I asked God to show me what this situation for us in Texas looks like through His eyes. Since God ALWAYS answers prayers, he led me to a section in the book I wrote titled, The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping into the Abundance Within

Lesson One: Honor Your God Whispers and Act on Them

An idea is a spark of imagination where I provide you glimpses of possibilities. Yet far too often your ideas spark in your brilliant minds where you place them ever so gently in the corner to collect dust. Your soul yearns to express your desires through creation, and what better way of creating your soul desires than through ideas. Yet, your mind is so quick to protect you from fear that it places you in an illusion filled box. Your mind often convinces you the ideas your soul desires to experience are unrealistic or not possible, and you close the doors to the reality of the creation of your own miracle. Each of you possess a miracle waiting to be experienced, yet rather than honor your creative desires… you silence them. – The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping into the Abundance Within

So, when you act on your God whispers and actually create from the vision God has placed in your mind and in your heart, you create the experience from the inside out and ultimately manifest it.

Lesson Two: You Are Not Defined by Your Experiences

Your journey through this life was to discover yourself through your experiences… not be defined by them. You came not into this life to work harder than another and compete for the little abundance you have convinced yourself exists. You chose to journey through this precious gift of life to understand yourself as a creator and create experiences that bring you love. The more love you create in your life, the more you experience God as yourself. How do you choose not to remember this truth when you lay awake at night and pray to me that you become blessed with more material wealth? How do you not realize the difference between being and having? You are perfect beings, having an imperfect experience. Yet you have chosen to allow others to define your blueprint rather than create it yourself from within the walls of truth.

For I seek not to love one more than another, so your material possessions are meaningless to a God who is all abundant. Where the abundance has value, is through your perception of that value. Only you must consider what this value brings into your life when you are working yourselves into exhaustion and crossing over, only wishing you could have played more and worried less. My child the treasure you seek lies within the walls of your soul, where no other can lay claim to it. Your blueprint is your gift to self and a roadmap to help you discover those experiences which bring the most joy into your life. If you know not what you seek, how much you seek, and for what purpose you seek it, then you risk walking the conveyor belt of the lost souls. These same souls who claim to know what is best for you when they in fact are without truth of what is best for themselves.

Pray to me child. Know that I seek only to have a relationship with you and not to condemn you. For you and I are one, and together we experience your greatness through your journey. If your wealth blueprint is a certain amount of money, then know this amount is no harder to create than the amount you have already created in your life. – The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping into the Abundance Within

You create your own empowerment by listening to your God whispers, and preparing for whatever is coming your way. Whether it’s a snow storm that blankets and paralyzes your state, a new dream that God is helping you breathe life into, or just waking up happy with a sense of purpose. You are the creator of your dreams. It’s time you step into your own greatness and allow God to show you what you are capable of. Your journey begins with a prayer.


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