The Shift – Changing Your Perspective

How are you beautiful soul? Seriously…. how are you doing during this time of uncertainty and overwhelming change? Is your spirit happy? Are you feeling joy and finding peace or are you waking up every morning in fear and anxiety? How are you doing beautiful soul? Now more than ever you need to take care of yourself. Your spirit, your mind, and your body. Are you making time to do this? If we were having coffee together, I would ask you about your dreams. Yes, your dreams! Your first thought may be, “how in the world can you think about dreams during this time,?” but my response to you would be… “how can you not?” So… let’s have coffee together so maybe God can shift you from your fear into love through this message.

You see, when I wrote my first book Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose, God revealed to me through an answered prayer, how you can shift your perspective from fear into love. Even during times of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty. In a world where superiority exists through power, success, and labels, we may have lost our perspective in terms of defining success in your own life. Now you and I stand in a world where we are all connected through fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of illness, and fear of feeling alone. But you don’t have to feel alone. Because you’re not. God has been living through you and within you from the moment of your inception but you may have forgotten this truth. Between lost time dedicated to jobs, family, and daily responsibilities, you may have forgotten that you are never alone and that God is with you and sharing this experience with you as well.

Knowing this, when was the last time you prayed? I mean truly prayed and waited for God to respond to your prayers? Since we are all one through God, this means that you and I are somehow connected spiritually… even if you are halfway across the world. Knowing this, the higher I can raise your energy by helping you shift your mindset from fear into love, the higher all of our energy becomes. We are all connected and we soar on the same set of wings. What if God was in the process of shifting your mindset from a place of fear and limits to a new level of life? What if God sent messengers along your path to remind you what you are capable of… would you listen? Would you shift your attention from the world of social media and scrolling through another person’s highlight reel in order to focus on your own? How can you create your dreams? You know which one I am referring to…. that dream you have worked so hard at hiding in the corners of your soul. Yet despite all of your efforts, this dream continues to peek out from the darkness to connect to the light in your heart. What if this dream was God’s way of speaking to you to remind you that once you focus your attention on creating love and joy, then you will experience more love and joy?

Maybe during this time of uncertainty in the world, God is in the process of shifting you so you can look within your own soul to discover the source of your miracles lie within you. Maybe during this journey, God is gently shaking you out of your fear into a place of love that you forgot existed within you. Even during the most monumental events in your life, God has never been separate from you. The feelings of separation are coming from you not perceiving God as one with you. Remember that you are not alone. I get it. I too have walked the sidewalks in the busiest cities only to feel invisible. I too have had to move out of the way countless times because people around me were staring at their phones while walking, and completely unaware that I was directly in front of them. We can all feel invisible… until you choose to realize that God sees you.

Every soul needs to remember that they are not alone, and they have only to seek me inside of their soul. There they will find their source for love, happiness, and true abundance. I have sent a messenger who has struggled with feelings of unworthiness her entire life, only to reveal through my eyes the meaning of true worth. In this journey that your beautiful soul is experiencing, many will understand the shift of energy. The same energy that is removing them from negative experiences, into situations where they must look for the answers to their souls’ questions from within. No longer are there people in their lives telling them what to do, how to think and speak, and how to feel. Now this shift is occurring to many, so they may stop looking outward for their happiness to a world filled with the perception of lack. Instead look within the confines of their soul and discover unlimited potential and abundance. Many have forgotten who they are and what they love, because in their journey to have and to do … they forgot all they need to have is self-love, and do what their heart desires. How is it that during this journey throughout your life, you have forgotten yourself in the search for happiness?

Now many of you are on a journey into self-discovery because the illusions you have created no longer serve your higher good. You have created lives where you must have abundance, yet you don’t know what abundance truly is. In the quest for this abundance, you have given up of your time with your family, with your friends, and with yourself. In this journey that many have created for themselves, you have discovered a world of illusions that no longer serve you. Now that your soul cries out for itself your reality is breaking forth, which in turn, is disrupting everything you ever thought you wanted. Where there is truth, falsehood cannot exist. There is either illusion or reality, true or false, love or fear. Many souls have created an illusion based upon fear and falsehood. Now their souls are awakening to this shift in energy, and everything they have created that they once thought they wanted is moving away from them at a rapid speed. This is causing a greater propelling of fear that is being thrust into their illusion. In turn this is creating more things to be afraid of and bringing them father from the truth. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken, and you will break it by remembering who you are. Remember your truth, which is that all the answers to your prayers lay within your beautiful souls, because this is where God the Father resides.Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

Each of us may all appear different, yet we all soar on the same set of wings. Although we seem so unique, everyone in this world is dealing with fear. Whether it is a global pandemic or fear of loss… it’s still fear. Knowing this, ask yourself how you can shift your perspective from the world of fear and create love from the world within you. There is power in prayer. There is knowledge in truth. There are miracles within you just waiting to be tapped into and experienced by you!

Look around you, and see your world created by dreamers who began without a dollar in their bank account, yet with more passion than money could ever buy. You recognize these souls, and also realize that you too can become anything your heart desires. You need only the faith to discover Source within your own soul, to provide you with all that you need to manifest that miracle.

Hope is steadfast for a soul that realizes its own true potential. When thought, love, and action are combined to create a dreamers world, then people look from the outside in and say it was only because they were lucky or wealthy to begin with. Truth is the only remedy for lost souls. When those souls recognize that the truth they are running away from is the truth of their own souls, they too will realize the creation of all they desire lies within them alone.

Lucky, miracle, special… all of these words represent each and every soul walking the earth. Yet what differentiates the miracle workers and the lucky few, is the realization that these souls have tapped into a Source so deep within themselves that nobody can ever remove their truth. Look at your kingdom through the eyes of truth.  You will discover your “luck” lies within your knowledge that Source energy is waiting to share love and discover the power of your very existence.

Ask any soul who has ever accomplished a dream so great that the world around them labels it a miracle. Those souls will tell you they always had a feeling that they would accomplish that goal. Whether it is the exhilaration of creating abundance through wealth, accomplishment through honor, and glory through deeds, that specific soul knew from the depths of their soul their own truth. Rather than dismiss it, they embraced it and wrapped their love, thoughts, and actions around the truth of who they are and they created it! – Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

Remember… your journey begins with a prayer.

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