The Pursuit of Fitness

My fitness journey has been more of a yoyo up and down movement rather than a skyrocketing adventure. For the past 3 years I have experienced emotions of pure joy, pride, and amazement. Only to be followed by stronger emotions of frustration, disappointment, and even failure. In the past, I had only looked at my progress in terms of measurable results. How much fat did I lose, how much muscle did I gain, how strong is my body getting? But now I look back and realize that so much of my progress was happening within me… and that I didn’t pay much attention to. Until now.
For the past two months, I have been focusing my attention on what’s been happening inside of my body rather than just outside of it. After years of stomach issues, doctor visits, and much praying, I believe I have found my miracle worker. An amazing woman who not only specializes in Adult Critical Care as an RN, but is also a Clinical Research Pathophysiologist with almost 40 years of experience. Wellness is her specialty and she knows her stuff! Basically, Dr. Alma diagnosed issues I had within my stomach that wasn’t only affecting what I could eat, but how little my body was absorbing my nutrients.

I am only two months into this journey of wellness and have realized the importance of health from the inside out. Not only do I look forward to seeing Dr. Alma twice a month, but she is teaching me so much about my body and the unique issues I have been struggling with. I have learned what types of food work best for my stomach, what enzymes I was deficient in, and how my body uses vitamins and supplements to maximize the best results for my energy level and for my nutrition. Dr. Alma was God’s “Yes” when I prayed for someone to fix my stomach issues.
So, today I walked into the gym with a whole new mindset. One of appreciation for the things I can do instead of frustration for the things I have yet to accomplish. I feel empowered on a mental level that has kicked my mindset into having more knowledge and more patience for my body and how it responds to exercise. In other words, … I stopped comparing my progress to the people in the gym with me and started appreciating my progress from where I was at one year ago. Even two months ago.

Your fitness journey is your celebration of what your body can do… not an exercise in how much you can mentally and verbally beat yourself up for not looking as toned as the person next to you on the treadmill. Your fitness journey is your own blueprint of health and the only person it should be compared to is the person you were the week before. Period. This truth allows you to become empowered because you learn to appreciate how far you have come rather than be disappointed in how far you have to go before you hit your goal.I really wanted to share my fitness journey to help inspire even one person to want to become a better version of themselves. I have heard people say that it becomes easier to quit if you have a goal that serves only yourself. But when you hold yourself accountable for helping and inspiring others, you remain more diligent in the pursuit of your goal because now you are accountable on a soul level for empowering them. It is my prayer that you learn to appreciate and understand your body. To help nourish it through positive words. Positive energy. Healthy food. Loving habits, and ultimately learn to realize your body is your dream home. It is the only temple you are living in 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

After all, we spend so much money and time on purchasing clothes, shoes, handbags for our body, and very little attention of resources ends up focused on your mind, body, and soul health. This blog is intended for you to begin doing just that. I’m not a nutritionist, nor am I a personal trainer. I am just a girl in Texas who has dreamed of empowering myself through knowledge when it comes to fitness. My goal… to become the best version of myself. What’s your goal? Let’s walk and inspire one another!

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