The Power of Prayer

Connecting to me through the power of prayer and awareness aligns you with your dreams and allows you to experience the love of already having that which your soul seeks. You are emotionally driven beings, so learning to connect to those things which bring you love will allow you to experience love. Your soul craves to know itself and to love itself as I love you. Because of this, you seek to create experiences to love yourself as a co-creator and as a child of God. Seeking to know and love self begins and ends within, se cease from seeking love outside of yourself.

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

What if I could show you how powerful prayer can be? One afternoon during one of the darkest days of my life, I dropped to my knees and prayed. I can still remember the cold tile against my knees as I sobbed with my face buried in my hands, praying to God to hear my prayer. I remember asking through sobs for God to show me my truth. With my eyes closed tightly, I suddenly saw the word WRITE across my mind. It appeared as if it was in white, bold text against a dark background. Surprised, I asked God again to show me my truth, and once again I saw the same word in bright bold and white text… WRITE. Since I was a child, I have learned to honor my God whispers so I pulled myself up to my feet and walked over to my table where my laptop was sitting.

Wiping my tears from my eyes, I closed my eyes once again and asked God in slight frustration, “so what am I supposed to write about?” Although some reading this blog entry may ask how I knew it was Gods voice speaking to me, others may understand this because you too know what it is like when God responds to your prayers. The power of prayer cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to deepening your relationship with God. I cannot imagine having a successful relationship with anyone if we don’t listen after speaking to them to understand their response. To me, listening for Gods answer always came naturally to me. When I would wait to hear, I often remained silent and shut the noise of the world out so I could hear my God whispers clearly.

Going through this process with my prayers as I grew up, allowed me to hear them loud and clear. If there was ever a moment when I wasn’t sure if it was God or my own mind talking to me, then I would ask God to confirm what I heard. He always did… and still does. So, now I look at my new goal with the creation of my dream. Knowing that God spoke truth into my heart about being “born with the key in my hand,” I must ask God to illuminate the path I am supposed to walk on in order to bring this dream into fruition. There is not one ounce of my being that doubts my God whispers. However, I am in slight fear because I don’t know exactly what road to take to open this mysterious door. I just know there is a door to open and prayer will allow me to do this.

Today, I am asking for specifics, but often God gives us what we need not what we want.

If Source has revealed to me the end of this journey, then I need to work backwards. Start at the end…the vision in my dream. Of course, I also understand that this could me a metaphor, but I’ll take it because this vision is the dream I was shown. If nothing else, then at least I am working towards hearing my clear God whispers and honoring them one step at a time. So often, I forget I need to walk through the mist of an unknown path rather than run through it without any navigation from my spirit.

What are you walking towards today? Have you asked God to reveal your truth so you can take your journey into creating a deeper relationship with Source and with your goals? Your journey begins with a prayer.


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