The Lottery Illusion

“The greatest illusion is that you must seek your abundance of all you desire outside of yourself. All you ever need to create the experiences you seek in joy can be obtained by tapping into the Source of all there is within you. Yet rather than take the time to understand who you are and what you are capable of, many of you would rather spend that time convincing another of your own illusion. How many of you enter into drawings or sweepstakes only to spend your thought and energy convincing another soul the ultimate prize is yours to claim? Do you not understand the soul who has already created the experience you see manifested in the physical world is the only soul who can claim that which is theirs? Somehow you convince yourself the illusion that you have the right to inherit another soul’s dream once you see it manifested before you. I tell you this. No soul can claim the lottery of life unless the soul who has created it releases it to another.

When you realize you had not the right to claim that which another created, you blame your God for not finding you worthy enough. The truth is my child, you found yourself not worthy enough. Otherwise you would have been the soul to create this and touched your heart upon every detail in the creative process. Rather than looking at this prize as a goal to own, you would have recognized it from your soul that it was seeking you as well. There is a recognition when you realize a dream fulfilled, that the dreamer and the dream are in fact one and the same. There is no separation of one from another but through the experience of creation and receiving. Do you understand this my child? For when you know from the truth of who you are as one with your Creator, you will understand that dream which you seek is seeking you as well.

Honor your creative gifts and cease from living in an illusion that you must seek something outside of yourself in order to be complete. I am one with you and am experiencing all that I am through the expression of you. Align yourself with truth and know you have all you need through the power of God to experience what the world would consider a miracle. Rather than seeking to duplicate anothers expression of self, choose to be authentic and create your own. Because one or many souls seek to create one way of creating abundance does not mean you must mimic their course. It merely reminds you that through free will, you can create a course of your own which is filled with magical moments between you and your God.”

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Your journey begins with a prayer.


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