The Illusion of Competition

When the global pandemic first hit the United States the reaction was FEAR! Fear on every level. Many of us watched videos of people literally running and pushing each other out of the way to hoard toilet paper and food. As I witnessed this, my mouth literally dropped open and I couldn’t figure out what everyone was competing for. Then the images of the elderly and underprivileged began popping up. Them standing alone in the empty isles crying…. Desperate… because there was nothing left for them. These images will never escape my mind. I thought to myself … how have we as a society completely detached from the truth that we are all connected. We are as strong as our weakest link….

If you don’t believe that… look at the rising corona virus cases and ask yourself who is being affected the most… and how is this impacting our society? Our weakest are being hospitalized, dying, and our society has been affected through mandated state closures that have affected our economy and our growth.There is an illusion of competition that has sent a tidal wave of fear over this country, and if we don’t tip that tidal wave into love, we are all going to drown in our own fear…. This illusion of competition doesn’t just spread in one area of our lives… it spreads throughout every area…. Competition is an emotion of fear which turns into a mindset. How can you change the illusion? By removing the fear and alter your mindset.

There is a difference between competition and creation. Competition vying for something you want to experience. The definition of competing is a rivalry. Basically some type of a contest where one person is chosen over the other, so there has to be at least 2 people to compete. Creation is an entirely different mentality. I consider creation an act of manifesting something from within your soul… it starts and ends with you. Creation is an act between you and God where you get to tap into the emotions of love and getting so laser focused that you instill action towards manifesting it. Creation is so much a me, myself, and I sport because you rely on your own will to push yourself beyond your self-imposed limiting thoughts and design your life as if you already had your dream created. This takes such discipline and effort that sometimes it may feel easier to just focus on competing for what another person has created.

Since you are a perfect spiritual being having an imperfect physical experience, you are already perfect. As a child of God, abundance in anything that brings you love and joy is your birthright. However, YOU are the creator of your life so you must focus your energy on creating the “unseen” until you witness it manifested. Since competition can be perceived as a mindset of fear, it is important to know why you are creating the experience that may be perceived as a competition. In other words…. know your “why.” What drives you? If your soul ultimately seeks to experience love and joy through your life, then knowing your reason will push you beyond the challenges associated with any goal. For the past 3 years, I have had a fitness goal that I continue to hit a roadblock with. However, I realize I have not been doing everything necessary to achieve this goal so I am in fact hindering my own progress. When I searched my heart this past month, I realized that I didn’t have a strong enough “why.” I need my reason to be so crystal clear, it is what I envision when I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to strengthen my own health and fitness.

What’s your why? If you don’t know then pray and ask God to show you! Your life was never meant to be something you close the door to God with. In fact, since you are one with God then your moments throughout the day should incorporate your creator. If you are stuck in pushing forward towards a goal, then ask God to show you this goal through his eyes… through the eyes of truth. Then you can alter your perspective and shift your mindset from fear into a place of love. This emotion you are ultimately trying to experience through creating a new goal is your soul trying to connect to love… because you are born from love. You are a child of God and are one with your creator every moment of your life. So, include God throughout your moments in life.

Competition only exists in the mind of fear. Remove your energy and shift your focus from fear to love. You will then continue to draw everything into your life that you love. You do not have the power over the soul of another, so there is nothing you can take away from another soul that was not yours from the creation of love. In the same manner, there is nothing you can remove through the experience that is created by another for the experience of love. Your soul cannot experience that which another soul has created from their love. This is why competition does not exist…only the perception of lack is an illusion the mind has created in order to understand its own joy. The next time your soul creates the illusion of competition, you will know from the position of love if this which you seek, was created for your higher good, or if that which you are seeking to experience is merely the transformation of your perspective from illusion into reality.

So, when your soul seeks to experience that which another soul is bringing into their journey as well, celebrate in the knowing that you are where you should be in the creation process and on your journey into self-discovery. Seek with a full heart that which you love and brings you joy, and you will discover more experiences being developed into your reality in which you can continue experiencing and expressing love and joy. It is not about winning a coveted prize and recognition; it is in the perfection of enjoying that which your soul has created in love. For prizes become old, queens become replaced, and fame is fleeting, but as your soul selects beauty in the expression of love, you will inspire more and more souls to look within their own heart and discover that which they seek to fulfill in self-expression as well. Inspire the souls of the world by reminding them that the reward lies in the love and experience and that which creates more love and experiences. – Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose.

The illusion of competition is just that… an illusion. Remember that nobody can claim something you already created. Once this goal is manifested in the world outside of you then it has already been claimed by the creator. Your role as an extraordinary creator and a child of God, is to align with your own miracle and bring it to life! Enjoy the journey because this precious life is so fragile. Own your gifts and realize you have everything you need within you to develop your relationship with God. Your journey begins with a prayer.





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