The Dream Walk-Through

Have you ever had a dream so vivid that when you awoke, it felt as if were real? Your emotions are still connected to the emotions you had in the dream and you don’t want to forget any part of it in fear that you won’t remember it again. When you awoke, how hard did you try to keep the dream alive? You recalled every detail of the dream until you could paint the picture in your imagination so you wouldn’t forget it. I had a dream like this… after my mom passed away. When she would visit me in my dreams, mom would just sit and smile at me. She wouldn’t speak a word, but just looked at me with loving eyes and smiled. Then I would wake up. In one particular dream, mom visited me and she spoke to me. Her voice was so real that I didn’t want to forget what it sounded like when I woke up. I would detail every part of the dream and just close my eyes so I could remember how mom sounded with her beautiful voice.

For days, I would try to detail every part of my dream so I would remember word for word what she said, how she sounded, and the beautiful expression on her face. To this day, this dream is still such a part of my soul and memory, that it brings a smile to my face whenever I remember it. If I could paint the picture of my dream to the detail I painted the memory of my mom’s visit, then I could do a dream walk-through and paint every detail of my greatest goals. You have the power to create the connection to your miracles within the walls of your own soul. Yet, how often do you spend that time in meditation and prayer so your soul connects to your vision? Instead, so often we turn our attention away from our spirit and focus on the world around us. Rather than spend time visualizing your dream walk through to the most minute detail, we spend our time numbing our mind on the computers or television. We focus our attention on what the world around us is creating through the social media, instead of creating our world within through intention.

What if you could be as specific in detailing your ultimate dream using the vivid specifications of that dream? What if the first step of this dream walk-through began with prayer and then using the power of your mind to detail every part of this dream until it became a tangible goal? Would you do it? If you can dedicate the time needed to create the connection of your dream from the inside out, using only Gods guidance as your GPS, you may actually create miracles in your own life. By walking through your dream step by step, you are building the foundation for your connection to this dream. Then you mind becomes connected to this, your heart grows in joy at the thought of already having it, and your body follows through on an action plan that begins to form this dream into a tangible goal. Everything you need already resides within you, and the greatest Source of power is already connected to you as God.

Building your dreams from the inside out is much like a carpenter building a house for which to stand through many generations and many changes in elements from the world outside of itself. The only way for your dreams to flourish is to be built on a foundation of love, support, and rooms that allow enough light in so you may never desire to hide them in the dark again. Does your soul’s house offer this foundation for which to build your dreams my child? Take notice and seek first the relationship between you and Source, and there I will guide you and build your foundation so nothing will ever compromise your faith again.

Are you willing to do this my child? If I knocked on the front door of your soul in the still of a dark and quiet night, would you open your door to me? Would you allow me to enter into the house of your soul and ask that you leave everything behind except for a single bag in which to carry the only tools you will ever need to create your life that you were meant to live? All I ask is that you leave your baggage at the door where the intersection of love and fear connect. The only bag you are to bring is empty and open to all possibilities to create a new house where your soul will soar in its truth of perfection.

This means you must leave old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you and be open to new truth. You must leave old fears behind that were instilled within you from another, and trust my way is the truth and the light. Mostly, you must be willing to relinquish the illusion that you are not worthy and honor self throughout the course of creation. Are you willing to leave behind old beliefs that you attempted at all costs to believe so another would love and accept you as their own? For your bag must be emptied in order to be filled with abundance, love, and joy. There is no room for old illusions when creating your new utopia.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

You can control your thoughts at any moment to create paths of possibilities from your visions that God has revealed to you. There is no need to gain approval from the world outside of you by proving to another you are worthy of creating your dream. God already finds you worthy, which is why Source placed the vision in your mind… so you can create it. The question is… do you find yourself worthy of answering your calling? Your journey begins with a prayer.




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