The Courage to Paint Outside of the Box

As I am progressing through this dream journey, I realize that my mind is beginning to adapt to a new way of thinking which in turn is creating a new pattern of habits in my life. My time on the social media has been reduced significantly and I am using that time to be consistent with my meditation and listening to motivational speeches. Rather than read what someone posted about their breakfast, I am reading my books that I wrote myself. These spiritual guides have literally transformed my life. Although I have been reading them almost daily, I am now being very deliberate to incorporate the lessons into my daily habits. This is allowing me to become more intentional on how I spend my moments, and become more aware as to what I am thinking and how I am feeling throughout the day.

As I write my entry for day 5, I realize that with every finger on the keyboard I am creating a connection to one of my greatest goals. Already it brings joy into my life because I love to write, but had stopped doing this due to time or just neglecting my passion. Making myself accountable for writing an entry daily is harnessing my thoughts and focusing on creating this vision. Each of us hold a key to unlock the door into our greatest miracles. I believe that God has given us this gift of life to enjoy the miracle of creation, yet how often do you squander your moments and take them for granted? I am guilty of squandering my moments. After all, I wrote my first book, Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose almost 10 years ago. Although I used the lessons in this book to discover my purpose and live a life of passion, I didn’t take it to the level I knew I had the potential to take it until now.

Having the courage to paint my dreams outside of the box allows me to tap into my heart to experience a joy that connects me to God. When I envision being able to empower another person through something I wrote, or by sharing my connection with God, it may allow them to experience what is possible. My goal is something I am creating without the applause from the world. I am not seeking approval or “likes” during this journey on the social media. Only sharing my journey in the event one other person becomes inspired to create their own.

Painting my goals outside of the box allows me the opportunity to see my life through the eyes of truth rather than through the world of fear. If I were to share this journey or my dream with another person who doubted it, I may risk allowing them to talk me out of trying to achieve it… or align with it. My dream is too sacred to me to let another person’s fear try to define what I am capable of. So instead, I am walking through this journey with courage and self-sufficiency. Realizing the only approval, I need is from God, the only light I need to illuminate my path is from God, and the only source of guidance I need come from my God whispers. This allows me to paint my dreams outside of what others may have already created.

Do you really believe as a co-creator with God in this journey through life, your role was to seek the approval from the masses to become your greatest self? You bow your head to me yet close your heart to my response. The truth lies within your own ability to create your experiences through free will. For my role in your journey through this illusion of life was never to override your decisions, rather to support you while you were in the process of remembering who you are. You are a child of God and all you seek to create through love lies within your own soul. Tune out the voices of the masses around you who have been struggling to embrace their own perfection, and listen to my whispers echoing through your soul.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

What are you doing today to create your goals? Have you had a sincere conversation with God and asked that he reveal your truth to you? Or are you too busy looking for the answers to your prayers from the world around you? There is not a single person who can bring you love if you don’t love yourself. Nor is there someone who can inspire you to act on your own dreams if you don’t believe in yourself. Your miracle resides in you and you are so close to creating a life of pure bliss or of great heartache. Either way, the choice is yours. The key is in your hand and your journey begins with a prayer.




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