Your Life is an Extraordinary Adventure!

Do you ever find yourself in a mundane routine? It feels as if you are just going through the motions and not filling your heart with joy each and everyday? Well, I am at that place with my fitness journey. I need to set a new goal! Something that will ignite my spirit into loving my workouts again and elevating my mindset towards achieving something that will bring more joy into my heart. I realized while I was at the gym today, that although I am sticking to my fitness goals… I am no longer passionate about working out. I need to find my “fire” again and that spark that really pushed me towards getting excited about going to the gym and strengthening my body. When I initially set my mind to complete my first half-marathon, I was so excited about the new journey of achieving something I had never experienced before. Just that thought fueled my training to the point where it felt good to run because I knew I had a goal at the end of the path. I don’t know about you, but I find myself getting stuck in setting the same goals. I just completed my 4th half-marathon and I wasn’t very excited about it. I am on year 3 of my fitness journey and I don’t have that fire in my soul that once made me excited about working out. As I was reading my book, Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker, I was reminded that I need to have the courage to paint outside of the box.

My problem is that I have been trying to find new goals through old patterns of doing. I love to push myself and compete against myself so I can always strive to become a better version of who I was. However, last year I lost my fire and had a hard time coming up with a new goal. Even if new goals would surface and start to get me excited, I found myself making excuses and reasons as to why these goals were not achievable. Do you know what I discovered today? I realized all of my reasons had to do with not being enough… not being in good enough shape, being young enough, strong enough, talented enough. How many dreams have you placed in the corner of your mind because you were concerned with not being ENOUGH? Well, enough is enough! God created you and I as extensions of him and I don’t believe any of us should continue placing boundaries on our limitless potential because we don’t believe we are good enough. Just the fact that you are a perfect spiritual being having an imperfect physical experience, should tell you that you are enough and have enough talent and intelligence within you to create any goal you set your mind to!

Looking back, I think I was trying to do the same things because they were familiar and felt safe through that familiarity. Even if I don’t love running long distances (and I don’t) I continued to enter myself into half-marathons because they were familiar to me. Rather than trying something new, I made a conscious decision to continue doing more of the same knowing that I would end up feeling unsatisfied at the end. I believe the joy in any experience is created from the actual experience itself. There is joy in running if you love to run, and there is joy in competing if you love to challenge yourself and push yourself to set new goals. I need to find my joy in the journey again and the best way I can do this is to have the courage to paint outside of the box. I need to stop worrying about my perception of imperfection and realize that like everything else I accomplished in my life, the joy and love comes from the doing! I LOVE to write and I especially love to tap into my God whispers and enjoy the experience of hearing my answered prayers so clearly that I can write them down word for word. The published books are the evidence of my love for this, but the experience comes from the actual writing.

What do you love to do? If you can think beyond your own self-imposed limitations and reach for that dream that has been dancing in and out of your mind for so long then maybe you will realize what a limitless child of God you truly are! You need to push beyond the fear and gather your courage to walk your path with the guidance of your God whispers. Today you have the health and the capacity to create that dream you have been talking about for so long. Rather than push that dream back into the corners of your mind, allow yourself to create an action plan that will allow you to experience the creation of it. Through the creation of your goals will your heart and soul experience the deepest joy imaginable! You must remind yourself that you don’t need the approval or the permission from another person to create the life that brings your heart joy. All you have to do is ask God and LISTEN for your answered prayer. Life is such a precious gift, and too often we take this gift for granted. The gift of self-love is priceless…

Do you not understand the greatest form of love one can give is to share your heart and soul with yourself on this journey through life? The more you reach within the walls of your own soul, the greater you will discover our connection and my hand reaching out to you as well. For you are co-creating your life with me and as a co-creator, you are not separate from me. Seek the authenticity of your soul expression through embracing your unique and colorful soul. Rather than attempt to fit into a certain mold that the world outside of you perceives to be you, allow yourself to shine from the inside out. You need not seek the definition of your blueprint by looking to others to define you.

Yet all too often this is what you wait for. A sign or token of affection from another person who you deem greater than yourself. You starve for your own soul to embrace self, all while seeking approval from the world without to grant you permission to express yourself. Your greatest dreams and your deepest visions of self-expression are waiting to be embraced by you. Can you imagine how your soul will dance during every step of your life when you grant yourself the permission to experience your purpose? This is why you look at the world around you and see the lost gaze in so many people’s eyes. You have denied yourselves for so many years, you no longer know who you are.

Do you wish to write the songs of love that will someday bring a woman to tears on her wedding day? Then sit down and write that song. There is no such thing as tomorrow. For time is an illusion yet you treat it as the master of your destiny. If you wish to paint a picture that evokes the greatest essence of your soul, then take the brush in hand and use your free will of choice to create that masterpiece. For you need not the approval from the world around you to exercise the power of creation you are born with. If dancing is your gift to yourself, then stand up and move your body to the fullest expression of who you are, not who the world desires for you to be. – Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

What are you doing today to create your goals? Have you had a sincere conversation with God and asked that he reveal your truth to you? Or are you too busy looking for the answers to your prayers from the world around you? There is not a single person who can bring you love if you don’t love yourself. Nor is there someone who can inspire you to act on your own dreams if you don’t believe in yourself. Your miracle resides in you and you are so close to creating a life of pure bliss or of great heartache. Either way, the choice is yours. The key is in your hand and your journey begins with a prayer.




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