She’s Coming “Home” (Part 2)

During the months that mom was healing from her surgery ordeal, I remained true to my promise to God. I rarely prayed except for the occasional thanks for my mom healing and during those quick chats with God, I still never chose to sit quietly and listen for the sound of my God whisper. I suppose I felt if God was going to deny me then I would deny listening – real adult huh? My heart began to soften as I learned that mom would be able to fly to Texas to come visit me. I was excited and began feeling hopeful again that she was going to be alright. Although her trip was short, I had a chance to spend time with her and even though she was weak, I pushed her through the isles at the mall in her wheelchair so she could enjoy a short shopping excursion. The day I took mom to the airport, I sensed something within her that was hesitant. We ended the trip with me telling mom that I would come and visit her in a couple of months so when I dropped her off and gave her a hug, I had no idea that would be the last time I would ever see mom again.

One night I had a dream that I will never forget. I was standing on top of a mountain and God was speaking to me. He said that out of all the people in the entire world that mom could have chosen to share her love with as a parent, she chose me. This is something that I should be grateful for and thank her. As I quietly thought about my dream, I realized that I needed to act on Gods guidance. I pulled up my laptop and emailed my mom. In the email I told her about my God dream and how he said that out of every soul in the world, she could have chosen anyone to be a mother to but she chose me. I thanked mom for everything she had done for me and how she strictly enforced her daughters getting an education so we could be able to support ourselves and have better opportunities.

As I wrote line after line on my email, I realized this dream had been a gift and I was to be thankful for my God whispers. After sending the email, I felt such a deep sense of gratitude and from that moment truly understood how God really is aware and present every moment of your journey. However, if I am not present and paying attention to my whispers, then I risk not being able to hear them or to act on them. Needless to say, my prayers began from that dream and I was in such a sense of gratitude they became more prayers of thanks rather than prayers for requests.

Several months had passed since this dream and one night when I fell asleep I had yet another dream of God. In this dream, I was once again standing alone on top of a mountain and felt Gods presence surround me. Although I could not see him, I felt him and saw Source all around me. I saw him in the sky, in clouds, and in the air. There was a sense of strong presence yet very loving energy. Then very clearly I heard God speak to me and softly said to me, “she’s coming home soon.” As soon as these words were spoken I suddenly awoke. A part of me was so grateful I had just felt the presence of God within my soul and knew without a doubt that God is real and with me every step of my life journey. A part of my heart was grateful and felt loving warmth, yet another part of me felt overwhelming sadness. As I laid in my bed staring blankly at the ceiling, I thought to myself… God just told me that mom was “coming home” and suddenly it hit me. Mom was going to die … (Read more on Part 3 Coming Soon)


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