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Pageant Coach

My success in pageantry has been applying the skills I learned in 17 years of media selling and marketing. Working for a top-ranked radio station, I learned how to sell a product and a service in 30 to 60 seconds. Applying these tools into teaching clients how to effectively "sell" themselves in a short amount of time allows them to share their story and their message in a way that is most authentic to them.

Judges Interview is about understanding who you are and what assets you bring to the title you are competing for. I work with clients on a personal level to help you identify your strengths, develop your weaknesses, and remain true to your goals. Our sessions include:

Communication Skills

Platform Development

Branding and Marketing Yourself & Your Platform

Controlling Your Media & Personal Interviews

Learning Effective "Pre-Sell" Techniques


Authenticity Development & Branding

Whether I am developing platforms with clients in Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada, or helping a teen develop her brand, the most important element of selling yourself is to remain true to your approach. Preparing clients through developing their authentic message and understanding how to share that story in the most effective method is my passion! So often clients come to me knowing they want to brand themselves as unique but they are not sure what it is that makes them stand out. My role is to assist you in identifying your goals, marketing your message, and celebrating those unique qualities that help you stand out from the rest of the group. Whether this be through social media campaigns, media interviews, or developing an APP that allows the world to reach you through the touch of a button, you will discover tools that help you take your goals to the next level. I would love to help you share your story and build your brand!


Spiritual Development Coach

Having created my Mrs. International 2006 win, along with many other achievements, I have used the law of attraction and meditation as  keys to my success. My life motto is "Life is a creation, not a competition" and I not only live my life by this motto, but also teach my clients this as well. In the past 9 years of my pageant coaching career, I have coached 9 International Pageant winners as well as many women across the globe into achieving their pageant goals. How? By teaching them the same principles that I taught myself as I developed my spiritual growth. I believe with every goal we have, there is often a fear associated with it. If you fail to identify that specific fear, the result is often self-sabotage and unaccomplished goals. As we work on developing your goals step by step, we also need to identify and release the fears associated with those goals so you can see your greatest vision before it even manifests itself in the physical world. Through your thoughts, emotions, and actions you will be able to realize what an amazing co-creator in your life you have the ability to become!


Creating Queens Pageant Coach

As an International pageant winner, I have dedicated over 25 years to developing the art of pageantry. Teaching contestants on all levels of pageantry, I will walk you through your pageant journey step by step: My areas of expertise include:

Judges Interview Technique

Platform Development

Application & Contestant Bio

Branding & Marketing

 Modeling and On-Stage Presentation

Mental Preparation

and so much more!

Pageant Books & Workbooks

Do you know how to answer the dreaded "Tell Me About Yourself" questions? What is your open and closing statements when you are in the Judges Interview room, and how do you "sell" yourself in less than 30 seconds? Do you know how to lead the judges in the interview room or do you take a reactive approach and just learn how to answer questions during the interview? If you are like most contestants, your approach to pageantry may be more on the reactive rather than the proactive level, and learning how to take control of your Judges Interview and preparation all help you stand out among a group of contestants. This is the ultimate interview guide that will enable you to think on your feet whether you are in a personal judges interview, on-stage during your finalist judges questions, or just learning how to interview for your ultimate college interview or job. This book provides sample questions for various styles of competition and will help you feel prepared to be in control of your pageant interview.

Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry will walk you through every phase of competition and teach you methods on coping with mental intimidation, stress, and channeling your ultimate dreams into tangible pageant goals. As a former state, national, and international pageant winner, the author takes you through the competition process through a winning contestants point of view. This book will help empower and inspire you through your pageant journey!

As a former International pageant winner and winning coach, I have taken the knowledge I gained from 30 years in the pageant industry combined with 17 years of Radio Sales & Marketing and teach contestants how to stand out with the judges before you even meet them. My book Creating Queens - Secrets in Pageantry will take you step by step throughout the phases of pageantry and teach you valuable skills that you can use years beyond pageantry, but most importantly when competing for your coveted title. This book shares effective tools for all areas of pageantry and helps contestants gain valuable knowledge about providing the judges the best parts of your life in a short amount of time. Whether you are competing for a local title or representing your country on an international level, Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry is the book for you. Order Your Copy Here!

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