See God in Everything

How do you keep from getting discouraged when you are in the process of creating your greatest dreams? In a world where we are all encouraged to focus only on what we see, how do you believe in what you cannot see? After all, the journey towards any dream depends on walking in faith. Yet, when you don’t see in front of you the vision God reveals to you then you need to see God in everything you do. Rather than looking at the world of illusion outside of yourself, you can see the world Through the Eyes of Truth. Instead of focusing on lack, you can see abundance in your current situations. After all, when you look at the world outside of you then it can be discouraging if you don’t connect to your dream in the time YOU want it to come into fruition. I have been praying on my dream for literally years. Whenever I heard my God whispers, I would wrestle with the notion that maybe this dream was supposed to be easier to align with. I would think about what I felt I needed to do, but then talk myself out of doing it because it felt uncomfortable. Looking back now, I realized that I should have just acted on my God whispers immediately. I had no doubt my God whispers were pure, however my problem was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and honoring them. Instead of focusing on truth and seeing God in my experiences, I was doubting my worthiness to connect to my dreams. It is sad that so often we see the world through eyes of fear and believe the negativity that the noise of the world inundates us with.

Yet, with every prayer God asks us to trust in him and walk in faith. I have learned time and time again this means ignoring the voice of doubt that resonates within the walls of self-imposed limits we often place on ourselves. I have done this time and time again until one day I realized that I have to believe in my dreams. Why? Because I am the creator of them. God will never override your free will because it is our gift from Source. So, you must walk in faith and see God in the road ahead with every step you take. Don’t look to the left or the right but only walk straight ahead deliberately. Trust your heart to keep you connected to your dream and use your soul to guide you into aligning with the greatest vision that God has created for you.

Each soul has the ability to create an abundance of love and joy in your lives. Through free will you get to decide what emotions you desire to create and spend your moments experiencing. I will never seek to break my covenant with you rather to love and guide you along your journey. Whatever you desire in love my child, you can create. Until now you have been creating from the overwhelming emotion of fear, so you had more experiences of fear in your life. Now as a soul joined in one heart with your Creator, your emotions of love and gratitude have tipped the scale of fear and love is the primary emotion creating your life.

When you cease from seeing me separate from you is the moment you will move mountains just with the faith of a tiny seed. No longer do you feel guilty for creating love but instead you choose to assist others in creating love in their lives. By following your passion of writing you have been led to your purpose of reminding souls the divine connection between them and their Creator. Through your love for truth have you been led to discover your journey in faith. You did not seek validation and courage from another, but recognized my voice calling to you in the still of your silence and you did something very few have had the courage to do. You listened. Only when you chose to silence your own voice and heed my call did you become aware of the truth of your own existence.

Every soul needs to be reminded of their own perfection. Even if you reach one soul then that particular soul was the most important reason for this journey. Your faith allowed you to walk in truth and own that which I have created specifically for you. In the presence of love there you created more to love. Even though this journey appeared to have been walked alone, you saw not the souls who have supported you along the way. These are the same souls who know what it is to dismiss a dream and deny self until it was too late. Now these souls desire only to remind those they love that there is no separation and are still united through me in the power of love.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

When you choose to see God in everything around you and within you, then your attention shifts from lack into abundance. As the creator of your own dreams, you focus your thoughts, emotions, and actions into creating the dream you saw in your vision… the dream God placed within your grasp to create. Dreams are extensions of you. Goals are a part of your blueprint, your DNA just waiting to be created and brought to life. You are a creator, and your life journey is about creating magnificent and extraordinary experiences. Yet, so often you forget who you are. You are one with God… an extension of Source energy waiting to be experienced through your beautiful and precious soul. What are you doing with this gift? How are you creating miracles in your own life so you can inspire yourself and empower another who may be watching you behind the curtain of life? Your journey begins with a prayer.



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