Preparing the Mind to Win by Overcoming Fear

When it comes to preparing the mind to win a pageant or a life goal, our success depends on the relationship we have to that specific goal. As an International Pageant Coach, I work daily with clients around the world who are bullied because they are competing for a title. They have been called selfish, self-absorbed, and become targets for people who don’t feel good about themselves. Everyday I am helping at least one client overcome this fear of not being liked or being targeted. Unfortunately, this creates a fear in our hearts and could prevent us from achieving our greatest goals just because someone else does not approve of our journey. We need to overcome our fear of needing the approval from others as well as from our judges.

Pageantry and any competition is about being self-sufficient and realizing you are the creator of your own experience. In order to shut out the noise from the world, you need to focus on replacing the negative with something positive. Since the mind cannot think of two things simultaneously, then you can control your thoughts which will help control your emotions. It takes practice, but it is possible and will help you become that much closer to having a close connection to your goal and achieve it.

So how do we overcome much of the fear that is associated with competing in pageants or in anything through life? The best way to replace the noise from the world around you is to replace the sound with the sound of your own voice. Here are some helpful tips that can get your mind back on track towards accomplishing your goals:

  1. Validate yourself and your own beauty, fitness, strengths, etc… Realize we are all being judged by people who lack confidence in themselves, so often they turn the attention from their own weaknesses to highlighting ours. If you are not used to validating your own strengths and character, then you may be more susceptible owning another person’s opinion of you. Focus on those strengths about your character, personality, achievements, and strengths that you honor in yourself. When you focus on what you are in gratitude for, then the negativity will be replaced with positive emotions and thoughts.
  2. Change your self-talk: compliment yourself daily in front of the mirror on your transformation whether it is fitness or spiritual. Once you begin complimenting yourself and change your self-talk you won’t need the approval from the world around you. It amazes me how much I hear women put themselves down and when it comes to receiving compliments, then it becomes much more difficult to accept them. We would rather believe the negative things about ourselves than accept the positive aspects to the amazing children of God that we are.
  3. Be Accountable: If you know you are applying for a job interview through pageantry, then you want to change your perspective from not having any control into being in complete control over how you prepare. Your fitness should be a daily routine, your nutrition should be supporting your goals, and your interview preparation should be executed daily. The more tangible you can make your pageant goals, the easier it becomes for your brain to wrap around the fact you already have this experience in your life today.
  4. Focus on what you can control – I have realized that the harder we work and the better we become at our craft, the more opposition we may encounter. Whether you are focusing on achieving a pageant goal or a personal life goal, someone will always have an opinion. However, their opinion doesn’t have to become your own. All we know is our own perspective, so if you are being bullied or oppressed by another person, realize they are telling you what they think of themselves… it has nothing to do with you. Don’t own their illusion of you by making it your reality. You can control your thoughts, emotions, and actions so stay focused on your goal and don’t allow anyone or anything to deter you.

Preparing to win any competition whether it is a pageant or a life goal is about overcoming the fear associated with having that specific goal in our lives. If your love for winning is overtaken by your fear of not being approved of, then you risk allowing your fear to prevent you from doing everything possible to win. It is up to you as to how you create the experience. This journey is about celebrating you and the life you have today, so do everything in your power to create the experience with as much love and joy as your heart can embrace! For more great tips on how to prepare your mind to win in competition, order my book Preparing the Mind to Win! and Creating Queens – Secrets in Pageantry!

Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn winning pageant techniques? I can walk you step by step to your next competitive level, so contact me and I will help you prepare! Y

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