Suzy Bootz Inspiration Podcast Has Launched!

Are you ready to be inspired? After many months of struggling to push beyond my fear, I have finally acted on my God whispers and created a new podcast channel! This journey has been about overcoming fear and creating a new “normal” when it comes to my own comfort zone. Since I push my clients daily to become better versions of themselves, then it is only fair for my clients to expect the same from me. Creating my new podcast titled, Suzy Bootz Inspiration Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify, ended up being easier than I thought it would be… especially when I decided to push beyond the fear and get to the other side… that place where my goal was. How often do you stand at the doorway of your dreams and contemplate every possible fear that could be associated with the creation if you only stepped through the doorway into the other side? Let’s face it… with every new goal often comes the equal or greater fear associated with that goal. It is a new experience for you when you create new goals, and often the path of the unknown is more frightening than the fear of the expected disappointments you have standing on the other side.

What if you made a conscious decision today to push beyond one of the fears you have associated with the creation of your goal? Since you may be standing at the doorway between you and this new life goal, just push yourself through the threshold and use your thoughts, emotions, and actions to create this dream? I have learned that so much fear is created during the thought process. Once you make the decision to move forward then you begin focusing your intentions on only created this goal. Your thoughts are so aligned with creating what you love, then you cannot create fear at the same time. Life is such an amazing journey that is a gift in the moment you are aware of it. So much of our lives we tend to take for granted because we are too consumed with what another person will think of our goals. We ask ourselves, “will they think it’s important enough, will they believe in me, will they give me their approval and support?” Have these thoughts crossed your mind when you have buried your dreams deep into the corners of your soul?

Through my answered prayers, I have learned so many lessons about the difference between truth and illusion. We are taught that truth lies in the world outside of you and illusion is within you and is often referred to as your imagination. However, when you pray you close your eyes and go within. When you experience the deepest love then you feel that emotion within you. When your eyes fill with tears of sorrow or tears of joy you experience the emotion that first began within you. So many of your life experiences begin within you, so how can you believe the illusion that your dreams and goals need the support of the world outside of you? What if you decided TODAY to create your deepest dream by first listening to and honoring your God whispers? What would happen if you allowed your soul to connect to your own blueprint and forged a path that another has yet to share? Would you believe in your dream so much that you only ask the guidance of Source energy (your Creator) and realize that every step you take brings you into a deeper relationship with God? Or would you ask another for their advise or approval and if you don’t get it, you tuck that dream within the depths of your soul where it will begin collecting dust?

As a creator in your own life, your goals are YOUR responsibility. The moment you ask in prayer for these experiences that bring love to your soul to be born, then they are. However, since you are the creator of your own experience then you need to create these goals from the inside out before you witness them manifested in the world outside of you. Are you prepared to do this? Are you ready to ask God for guidance and step through the doorway that stands between you and the creation of your greatest miracle? Realize that your miracles are often created through a series of tiny little miracles along the way. Each of them leading to a step in a new direction where you walk by faith rather than by sight. Are you prepared to do this? If so, then bow your head in prayer and ask God to show you YOUR truth. Once you receive your God whispers, then act on them and always remain focused on the biggest picture your dream has to offer. I believe that my podcast is one of my tiny little miracles that brings great joy and love in my life. If I am experiencing love from something I have created, then maybe I was the person who the podcast was intended to reach. Never underestimate your worth. You are an incredible Miracle Worker and what separates you from your miracles is often the perception of reality and illusion.

I have heard your cries in despair. I have created miracles for you to discover your truth, and set your heart free from the limitations your mind had once set upon it. For you have journeyed through the secret places of your soul and have found your truth. From the onset of your truth you will discover even more places in which to share your love and your light. Your goal was always to inspire and to educate others on the importance of creating abundance in their lives through mind, body, and soul. What better reflection of this training than through the opportunities before you to coach other souls through personal development and self-discovery. – Through the Eyes of Truth (A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose)

I would love for you to subscribe to my Suzy Bootz Inspiration Podcast so I can remind you what an incredible Miracle Worker you really are! Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.

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