Making the Impossible Possible

As I stared at the ceiling this morning before my alarm went off, I was thinking about the goals I have accomplished throughout my life. It dawned on me that the creation of them came from focused thought and action, not from waiting around for someone else to create them. Realizing this, I thought about my goal for my life today. Although it feels lofty, I realize that it cannot actually be IMPOSSIBLE or God would not have placed this in my heart. Although it feels so distant from me, if I could wrap my mind, my emotions, and my actions towards creating this goal, then maybe the attention to it will help me change my perspective from it being impossible to being very attainable.

Your goal can feel like it’s impossible if you don’t actually focus your creative energy around it. Think about it. The possibility of flying seemed impossible to many until one person wrapped his thoughts, emotions, and actions around the goal and made it seem possible. All it takes is believing in your dreams enough to give it the attention that it deserves. Shifting your mindset from not having it to already experiencing the emotions of having it a part of your life today, may actually break the impossible illusion. I truly don’t believe that God places visions in our minds and passions in our hearts if the goal was not possible to achieve.

Yet, so often we seek the approval from the world outside of us. Rather than ask God “how,” we ask another person how we can achieve the vision that God placed in OUR mind. Of course, nobody else can guide you through your own creative blueprint…only God can. The moment you ask enough people who have never created your vision if it can be done, and they dismiss your goals, then so often your dreams get tucked away into the deepest corner of your soul where they lay dormant once again. Then you spend your life wondering why a part of you feels empty…

I live by my motto that things don’t have to be easy, they only need to be possible. I am the creator who determines if my goals are a possibility, just as you are the creator of yours. It doesn’t matter if the world around you doesn’t believe you can achieve your dreams, it only matters if you believe it. Changing your perspective from your dreams being impossible and intangible, to now possible goals with solid action plans will allow you to focus your creative energy on bringing them to life. It only takes one dreamer…. YOU! So, the next time you have a vision or a passion that ignites your heart, bring this dream to life. Begin planning the steps towards making it a reality in your own life. Your journey begins with a prayer.

Realizing you desire the ultimate experience of the emotion of love allows you to focus your attention on that which you love. If you desire to create a dream house and have it not in your physical experience, then realize your dream house first resides within the walls of your soul. Envision the beautifully lit rooms in every area of your soul and walk through the doors of these rooms to experience those emotions they will bring you. For these rooms represent not only borders for which to place your belongings. They represent emotions of love when you have family walk through the passages that connect you to something greater than yourself. You can experience those emotions now.  As you visualize the colors every room will have and the emotion you experience within the walls of these rooms you experience this very moment in the creation process.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker


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