Lucky, Miracle, Special… This is YOU!

Do you realize just how lucky you are? As a child of God, you have the ability to create the most extraordinary goals in your own life! Within you lies a wealth of untapped potential that is just waiting to be discovered, and those unopened gifts are your starting point. Look at your life and ask yourself if you are happy. Are you excited when you wake up in the morning to use your gifts to inspire change within yourself? If not, then what are you waiting for? The moment I dropped to my knees and asked God to show me my truth, was the moment my entire life changed. The response I received was “WRITE” and from there I wrote hundreds of thousands of words that would later turn into my spiritual books of answered prayers. When I began writing, I became connected to God in ways I had never imagined were possible. Discovering how much I loved to write allowed me to connect to God through the gifts he instilled within me, and in the process has allowed me to inspire many Miracle Workers into honoring their God whispers as well!

You are lucky. You are a Miracle. You are special. The only reason you may not be living your life as if you are is because of your own perception of who you think you are. There are so many people in this world today who are not living their authentic life because they are living in fear. Oppression takes on many forms which can include fear of your own greatness, fear of the miracles you have the power to create, or fear of not being accepted by another. Yet fear is one of the greatest illusions we have been taught, because anything that is not connected to love through God does not stand alone. It needs itself to feed off of. Yes, fear needs fear to exist because without it, fear cannot stand alone. This is why you see so much bullying in the world today, and why there are so many people who fade into the darkness of their own lives. They have forgotten they are magnificent children of God and are capable of creating abundance in anything you wish to create. This includes abundance of love, joy, wealth, and purpose. So, if you are not living your life for God then who are you living your life for?

Every week I teach my Miracle Workers that you can change your perspective in this world from fear into love. Any situation that is introduced in your life that you are not comfortable with or may not understand…. ask God to show you truth. I do this everyday. When others share their joys and their fears with me, I ask God to show me truth in the experience and every. single. time. God reveals truth to me. He will also reveal truth to you when you reach out in prayer and ask God to show you how he sees you. God doesn’t see you through limits. God doesn’t judge your imperfections. God desires nothing more than for you to own your greatness in every area of your life, so you can inspire more love through your actions. You get to worship one God… love or fear. If you are not living a life of love, then you are living in fear. There are so many people who inspire you to become a greater version of yourself, and the advice of others can feed your fear or feed your hope…

Hope is steadfast for a soul that realizes its own true potential. When thought, love, and action are combined to create a dreamers world, then people look from the outside in and say it was only because they were lucky or wealthy to begin with. Truth is the only remedy for lost souls. When those souls recognize that the truth they are running away from is the truth of their own souls, they too will realize the creation of all they desire lies within them alone. Lucky, miracle, special… all of these words represent each and every soul walking the earth. Yet what differentiates the miracle workers and the lucky few, is the realization that these souls have tapped into a Source so deep within themselves that nobody can ever remove their truth. Look at your kingdom through the eyes of truth.  You will discover your “luck” lies within your knowledge that Source energy is waiting to share love and discover the power of your very existence. Ask any soul who has ever accomplished a dream so great that the world around them labels it a miracle. Those souls will tell you they always had a feeling that they would accomplish that goal. Whether it is the exhilaration of creating abundance through wealth, accomplishment through honor, and glory through deeds, that specific soul knew their own truth. Rather than dismiss it, they embraced it and wrapped their love, thoughts, and actions around the truth of who they are and they created it! Each of you possess that special miracle residing within your souls. It is your truth to reveal to them the Source of their miracles lies within them. – Through the Eyes of Truth

Now is the time to own your greatness and live your life as if you have the source of creation within you… because whether you are aware of this or not, God is a part of you experiencing life through you. There is no need to create lack in your thinking, or lack in your life. Be very careful as to whose opinion you choose to live your life by. If you are taking the advice of lost souls who are in fear, you will adopt their limiting thoughts. Instead, choose to connect to God and ask throughout the days for your creator to reveal truth to you. Whether it is the truth of your experiences, your goals, or your fears, ask God to reveal how he see’s the situation. You don’t need the advice from others who have never seen your soul blueprint. You only need the advice of God who helped you write your dreams word for word before you came into this magnificent journey of life.

Settle not for what the world tells you that you should be doing. They are judging you on their own insecurities, and unless you desire to experience their life as they are creating it, then choose not those situations that will lead you to experience their life. If they attempt to convince you of the fact your age or life circumstances will not allow you to become that which you desire, then see this manipulation from the eyes of truth. Realize they are judging themselves and not you. It is only when you succumb to this advice and create your life as such from the same choices, that you too will create a life as they have created. So be very careful on whose advice you choose to surrender to.

Instead, seek the advice from Source and I will lead you to a place of understanding unlike any other. You will see through your eyes and know from your heart how and why you have created the life you chose. The key to self- love is to ask for it, receive it, and also to create more of it.  This is where the concept of time is vital. You control this, and even though your physical bodies will age with time, your mind and spirit continue to grow in youth and in love.- Through the Eyes of Truth

So, what are you going to choose today? Are you going to live your life like the Miracle Worker you were created to be? Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.


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