Jumpstart Your Motivation!

Have you ever felt as if you are climbing a steep mountain, and with each step you are slipping back two more? For the past 2 years I have been on a fitness journey that has taken me through many emotions. I’ve experienced feelings of defeat, exhaustion, empowerment, and even awe. Today I am feeling as if my motivation has taken a nose dive and it is getting harder to push myself out of this funk. As a Personal Development Coach, I would tell myself to create an action plan with a new set of goals. Something that pushes me out of my comfort zone, motivates me, and possibly inspires another person to do something amazing for themselves. As an author, I have written several books on what I received as my answered prayer when I asked God to show me my truth. Today while I was reading my book, Through the Eyes of Truth, I came across a passage that really sparked this idea of taking my blog down a different path.

“If you wish more love in your life, then give it. If you wish to experience more peace in your environment, then provide peace to others. If you wish to share touch with another, then give another an embrace or share a gentle kiss on the cheek. There you will find the magic of healing through touch. If you wish to experience more abundance, then share your abundance with others. Whether it is abundance of love, energy, faith, inspiration, or joy. Share it without ceasing. From those actions you will receive abundance many times over in ways you never even imagined. Share what you have to give and provide it in a manner that you will never want for anything. As you give, so shall you receive. You have an abundant flow of positive energy and wisdom in your life. Begin sharing that with the people in your life. You will find more people who choose to experience those feelings for themselves will be immediately drawn into your life for more of the same.”

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose by Suzy Bootz

When I wrote these words many years ago, I never realized they would spark an idea to create my blog in the manner that will not only inspire me through my fitness journey but you as well. Fitness is about mind, body, and soul and since I need inspiration, then I need to share inspiration with another. My goal is to push beyond my own self-imposed limits with my fitness goals due to age or any fear I have adopted about my complete fitness. Since we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience, then I understand that we are 3-dimensional beings. Fitness is about mind, body, and soul. Inspiring you to push yourself beyond your own self-imposed thoughts will help us both ignite a positive ripple effect. My prayer is that this Ladybug Diary helps inspire a positive change within you.  I truly believe that we are all connected since we are one through God. If I can uplift you, then you may soar higher and higher with your goals. After all, we all fly on the same set of wings, the higher I can uplift you then the higher I can rise in the journey. So let’s take this journey and soar together!

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