It’s Time!

Every new story in the book of your life begins with a brand new page. A new chapter that introduces an opportunity to create exciting dreams that set your soul on fire, and with these come new relationships that support your growth. How exciting right? Yet, I don’t know about you, but I have been guilty in the past of wanting everything to be perfect in order for me to begin my new goals. Forgetting that so often your greatest growth comes from pushing yourself out of old limiting patterns of thought and behavior. I often would use time as one of those factors that needed to be just perfect. The perfect time. How many times have you used this as an excuse not to move forward?

These past 2 weeks I set a new goal… one that would force me to really step out of my comfort zone and elevate my fitness to the next level. I reached out to online coaches for information and a game plan to assist me in achieving my goal. As I was writing out my schedule of workouts and creating meal plans, my joy grew more and more. I could feel the happiness within my heart just grow to the point that I was smiling as I would write out my plan of action. Then my first obstacle hit… poison ivy. This is miserable and of course kept me out of the gym for 3 weeks! The first two weeks of having this was so uncomfortable that I didn’t even want to be in my own skin… let alone sweating and pushing my exercise goals. So, I didn’t workout at all and then slowly started back up in my home gym by using the dumbbells and an at-home program I had. Due to the pandemic, I had to push back a foot surgery for the months that our state was closed down and I finally got this appointment scheduled again, and due to the poison ivy my pre-surgical doctors appointment had to get pushed back… again. However, this week I was finally cleared for surgery and when I asked my doctor how long I had to wait until I could workout again, his response was “6-12 weeks.” WHAT?!?!?

As I drove home from my doctors appointment, I felt the old familiar feelings of dis-empowerment that I had been experiencing for months now. Except this time, I prayed. I asked God to help me push through the obstacles and fear and help me get to my goal. Then my “aha” moment came. There will never be a perfect time to begin creating your loftiest goals because perfection is an illusion. When God answered me, I made a conscious choice to move forward with my new fitness goal without the need for all of my circumstances to appear perfect. After all, as long as I draw breath and have my health, I have the perfect opportunity to start a new story in the book of my life and create my goals. You can too! Each new day and every moment of your day allows you opportunities to change the course of your life through how you think, whether you choose to act in love or fear, and what actions follow your thoughts and emotions. In other words, stop waiting for the perfect time to achieve your greatest dreams, because NOW is the perfect time.

Change your thoughts and the emotions that support those thoughts, towards the experience of what you desire to have in your life, and the experiences will change as well. Do you not see that your environment is directly supporting the creation of that which you have manifested from within? You deny yourself the time in which to perform and just be that which you were created and intended to be, and in return you have created a world outside of yourself where you are lost and feel unsupported. Rather than withdrawing yourself into more feelings of creating being lost and unsupported, change your creation and use the time you have to do that which your heart and soul desires….

Live each moment in the creation of self, and you will see your world create more situations and experiences in which you can share love, be love, and have love in your life.

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose


Remember that time is a gift from God and what you do with your time is your gift to self and to the world. Choose to stay in the moment and be in gratitude for your dreams. You are a born creator and your soul craves the art of creating, so allow yourself the gift of creating your greatest dreams. Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.



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