It May be Hard But It’s Not Impossible!

My fitness journey has taken me down roads that I never thought possible. My muscles have ached daily, and every day I am back in the gym pushing them oftentimes to their limit. Why? Because I realize that my body just like my mind is capable of strength I never imagined. It’s interesting because working hard for a fitness level I have never achieved before has taught me so much about how our thoughts create our boundaries. After all, you and I have a body that can heal itself, work like a miracle to sustain our lives, and yet so often we forget what it’s capable of becoming.

I used to fear the gym because I was intimidated by it, but what I was really intimidated by was the degree of difficulty I would have to push through to get to a new level of comfort. Before my fitness journey began, I used to be a little afraid of hard. Now I embrace it. After all, if you can push your mindset to embrace a difficult task then you reap the reward of achieving the accomplishments… achieving the goal you once thought was impossible. What if you select your goals on the amount of joy they will bring into your heart once you achieve them rather than by their degree of difficulty. Whoever taught you that life was supposed to be easy, may have not realized the empowerment you can experience once you achieve an unimaginable task! You need to become so aware of your own thoughts and how you establish limits or abundance in your own life. When you can see your endless potential through the eyes of God, Through the Eyes of Truth, then you will understand what a Miracle Worker you really are!

For you are here to create life, not to stand back and watch life create you. You were always in existence and chose to experience this reality that we created in a physical form called life. But life cannot exist without your soul or your being. So you create life to experience the truest essence of you. With this power of creation, you also have the power to manifest your deepest desires, if they are in accordance to your higher good. In order to create health, wealth, and happiness, your thoughts and emotions need to be in strict accordance with experiencing, feeling, and thinking about health, wealth, and happiness. – Through the Eyes of Truth

As this year is coming to an end, here are the top 6 things I have learned throughout my fitness journey…

  1. To respect my body in ways I never understood
  2. Be grateful for my health
  3. Dream bigger than I have ever dreamed before
  4. Hard work is a joy when the goal is something you love
  5. Empowerment is one of the greatest tools to building confidence
  6. Fitness just like beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Push through your goals for the remaining four weeks of the year… of the decade! You may just astonish yourself into realizing that your journey was the prize all along. Dream big Miracle Workers, and remember… your journey begins with a prayer.


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