How to Win the Judges Interview – The Art of Sales

I have learned in pageantry that winning the Judges Interview is about mastering the art of sales in pageants. For nearly 17 years I had the privilege of being in Media Sales and Marketing. I sold “air” for a living and made a very healthy livelihood doing this for radio stations.  As a pageant coach I teach my clients everyday how to “sell” themselves in the Judges Interview room and still remain authentic and personable. The art of sales is less about forcing another person to believe in your product and more about you believing in your own product. Then the job is easier to do when you meet a room of 5 Judges who have only moments to get to know you.

I have realized that women have a more difficult time selling themselves to strangers than do men. Culturally I feel it is because we are taught as children that it isn’t polite to brag about ourselves, so we wear this badge of honor as adults and think this will somehow let people see how humble we are. When it comes to winning a Judges Interview, the best salesperson in the room will win – period. The problem arises when we do not understand the art of sales and do not understand ourselves enough to know what to share with judges. Sales should be an effortless process that involves ourselves as the product and our platform as the service. If we do not understand what we have to offer in terms of our product and services, then it becomes more challenging to share our strengths with those judges.

Being a national and international pageant winner, I have learned the art of sales applies to anything we are attempting to achieve in life. We need to become comfortable being uncomfortable through knowing how to sell ourselves and our services. As a pageant coach my goal is to get “into your head” and understand what strengths you offer for the job of titleholder and show you easy steps to sharing these strengths with your judges. If you cannot sell yourself in 30-60 seconds then you risk not becoming memorable in the interview room, which will reflect in your scores. Learn the art of sales in pageantry and you learn how to succeed in your Judges Interview! For more winning secrets, order my book Creating Queens Secrets in Pageantry and the corresponding Creating Queens Workbook!

Are you ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone and learn winning pageant techniques? I can walk you step by step to your next competitive level, so contact me and I will help you prepare!

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