Hope vs Faith

 “If you are all one with your Creator and seek only to experience the perfection of self through this physical illusion, then why do so many of you choose to experience perceived lack? Is it due to not understanding the creative process or because you feel emotions of unworthiness, that you seek to create more feelings of being unworthy? My child so many souls will seek to discover themselves through seeking out the expression of their grandest dreams, yet they battle the fear of unworthiness. You become your biggest obstacle when trying to achieve a dream. Yet your heart becomes frustrated when you witness the creation of abundance from souls around you who have learned to honor themselves.  Because you fail to understand the creative process, you then believe I favor some and choose to label those souls as lucky, when in fact it is the creative process at work.
Since you do not know what it is to accept yourself fully you find it difficult to understand anothers self-acceptance and label it as arrogance. You fail to express yourself completely through creation and witness another’s creation and label it as fate. All the while you are continuing to fit into a tighter corner of fear so you need not take responsibility for the creation of your own life. Do you not understand that every moment you are experiencing your life, you are choosing to experience it through the eyes of fear or through the eyes of love?
So much of the problem arises when you witness the manifestation of another soul’s dream and see it in its entirety. This dream may appear to you as an expensive car, an extravagant lifestyle, or the abundance of wealth. Because you see the appearance of this dream in its fullest form, you fail to realize this dream was created through tiny moments of thought and energy. What you see is the outcome of the dream and not the process that soul took to create this beautiful manifestation through years of hard work and disciplined thoughts. Because you see only the result and fail to understand the creative process, you are quick to label it as luck or destiny, when in fact this soul or groups of souls created their own destiny.”

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

When I was younger, I used to believe that if I prayed hard enough and had the faith needed, then I could ask God for anything and He would provide it to me. Although I do believe this much is truth, I have also learned the difference between hope and faith. You see, God gave each of us the gift of free will. I believe that through this free will you and I are able to create our greatest dreams. Those beautiful visions that God has placed into our minds eye to bring to life.. to manifest.

Yet as creators with God, we are ultimately responsible for moving past our hope and learning to harness our own energy to create those visions. This requires more than just prayer. It requires action from us. Understanding that I could do more than just hope allowed me to become empowered throughout my life. In those instances where God placed visions of amazing goals in my life, I learned that it was my responsibility to turn those dreams into tangible goals. How? Through planning and preparation. My role had to be more than a prayer warrior, I had to become a co-creator with God.

When I realized this, then my prayers of asking turned into prayers of asking “how.” How can I take these visions and make them manifested goals that I could experience in my life today? Through each prayer came answers to those prayers. Yet it wasn’t easy. I had to learn how to decipher my God whispers from my own mind trying to take control. I learned to ask God for confirmations to my answered prayers, and with each request I received the answers. Eventually, I began to understand the difference between hoping, faith, and combining the two ingredients to create action. After all, isn’t this what our physical experience is about? We are already perfect spiritual beings having an imperfect physical experience.

What are you asking God for in prayer? If you have yet to receive this, maybe you can look at how your actions are supporting the creation of your goal. Ask God to reveal to you his wondrous plan and prepare through the vision of this goal so you can walk in faith through your beautiful journey.

Your journey begins with a prayer,


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