Creating Your Destiny

You live in a society that blames much of its experiences on the world around them rather than realizing that creation is a conscious choice. If you choose to walk blindly in the path of darkness, then at least know what it is you are running away from. The path of light is always magnified within you through prayer and through knowing I am one with you. When you seek illusion before truth, you choose to believe in illusions and live your experiences from those misconceptions. Much of the worlds illusions lead to fear, so you are in essence choosing a life of fear. It is no wonder you feel alone and frightened throughout so much of your life journey.

Choose the path of light and create a way for you to develop a relationship with me that no amount of fear or disapproval from the masses will ever separate. How do you create new experiences without succumbing to a world of fear? You choose to plant the seed of your life dream and carefully nurture and grow it without anyone else needing to be present. This seed which represents your dreams must be carefully planted in soil that you have toiled and detoxified from harsh elements that could destroy it. Every moment you must watch over that tiny seed and water it with substance that will grow it into a strong and healthy form of life. You must harvest this seed with love and protection until it is strong enough to take on a life of its own, at which time you will reveal the magnificent life it has become.

I will be the sun that shines brightly  upon this tiny seed that you cannot yet see, until you witness the tip of your beautiful creation spring forth from the soil with a life all its own. Can you imagine a more glorious journey and abundance of joy that you will experience by co-creating life from mere thought, emotion, and action? This is where your greatest joy lies my child, and until you can look within yourself for all that you need to create this beautiful harvest, you will continue to only watch others creating their own. I send you miracle workers to inspire you to become that which you are just waiting to become. Rather than open your eyes and your heart to the truth of what they have done, you close your mind to the world of possibilities within yourself and chose to be defeated by your own hands.  The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping Into the Abundance Within

These words came to me as an answered prayer when I was asking God about abundance and how I can really master my life and become the navigator of my own destiny. Let’s face it, we have all at some point in our lives just wanted to give up right? I know my fitness journey has been such a roller coaster ride of emotions, pitfalls, feeling dis-empowered, and rising up again to feel like I am queen of my world. If you could envision riding on a roller coaster with me, I would be THAT girl who screamed her head of with every single twist and turn. Just terrified and wanting to get off of the ride… until it was over. Then I would look at you with crazy eyes, hair all over my face, and with the biggest smile say, “AGAIN!”

Even though the ride terrified me, it is always the element of suspense and the unknown that sets my heart racing. You may be the same! Maybe that’s why we love trying new rides at amusements parks… because it is both scary and electrifying. Yet, when you look at your dreams… do you use the same mindset? The knowing this may be a thrilling ride, yet being so terrified that you just have to try it with your friends. See, this is the difference between creating dreams within you and walking through life outside of you. One you have your friends to coerce you into getting on that terrifying roller coaster ride, and the other you have God whispering into your ear that you are not alone. So, which ride have you been drawn to for most of your life? In the past, I was guilty of taking only those rides that I knew my best friends would accompany me on. I knew I would have them to push me into getting on that scary roller coaster, and even being proud of me when I finished the ride without having a heart attack!

But when I started my journey with God, I learned that the most magical places are found within my soul and alone with my Creator. When I wrote these words and then continue to read them, I was guilty of blaming God for not finding me worthy enough to give me some incredible “wins” that I really wanted to experience. All the while, not realizing that God was asking me to harvest my seed and nurture it daily until I was able to enjoy the fruits of its creation. You see, dreams are created from these tiny seeds we so often toss away like garbage. When you pray, do you ask God that your prayer request be granted, only to leave your prayer with Source and go back to the world outside of you? How much time do you spend nurturing your dream, cultivating the environment around it so it has a healthy place to grow within your own soul? Do you water it daily with love, meditation, and communion? Or do you just ask God to gift you something you want and expect it to fall out of the sky without your participation of creating it?

The Wealth Blueprint: Tapping into the Abundance Within taught me how we are all created through a world of unlimited potential where abundance of anything that brings you love is your birthright. Yet, so often you can get in the way of your own miracles. What if you chose to start living your life in truth? What if at this very moment, God is waiting for you to stop scrolling through hours on your social media, and go within your precious soul to create the miracles residing within your beautiful and precious soul? Are you willing to give up needing your family, friends, and even society to hold your hand and cheer you on? Or are you able to step into your journey of creation with just you and God? I don’t know about you, but I cannot think of a better life partner and best friend than God. Maybe it’s time you start investing in yourself, with your first step being investing in your own miracle.

Remember, your journey begins with a prayer.

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