Can You Hear Answered Prayers?

When you pray, can you hear your answered prayers? Prayer is a conversation with God, and hearing the response to answers that you are looking for is part of the connection you get to build with your creator.  I have spent my entire life developing a strong relationship with God, and have now learned to that I need to honor my God whispers. Although I had to learn this lesson the hard way when I lost my mom after a long battle with breast cancer, I have realized that God has answered my prayers every moment throughout my life. My problem was that so often I was not able to hear his voice because I was not paying attention or just lacked faith. I believe that God speaks to every one of us, but unless we are tuned into our own soul whisper then it becomes difficult to hear him. Especially when the noise from the world around us is screaming louder into our ears while promoting fear and anxiety.

Being someone who meditates daily, I have learned that prayer for me includes speaking to God then taking quiet time to listen. If I can tap into the sound of my own breathing during my meditations then it becomes easier to hear and feel my God whispers. I have realized that Source wants nothing more than to have a relationship with each of us, but we must want to have a relationship with him as well. With anything in our lives, the success of the relationship we develop with anything depends on the amount of time and energy we put into it. The same goes with our relationship with God. We need to cultivate this connection daily and tune into our own soul to hear our God whispers.

You see, God answers our prayers at any moment and in order to hear our his whispers, we need to tune into the voice of Source and listen intently. Since we are connected as one with God then we can hear and feel his communication back to us. We are loved beyond measure and when we realize this, then we will stop seeing ourselves as unworthy of Gods love and accept it with open arms.

If you choose to pray and cease to wait for an answer that is gently spoken in your soul, then do not feed the illusion that you do not pray because there is no other soul to hear you. Instead, be honest with yourself and realize you are not ready to hear the answer out of fear of the unknown. For if your answer comes in a form of another question or in the awakening of your soul, this frightens you because it is unknown and unfamiliar to you. It is both astounding and deceiving that you spend most of your life attempting to get to discover new relationships with friends, family, and strangers, and neglect to provide yourself even half of the love and attention that you are supplying to these people. Prayer is the form of seeking God through your own soul and reconnecting with the one source of love and power that unites yourself and God. How is it that you can spend most of your days speaking to others and yet neglect to speak to God? How is it that you can seek out the approval and affection from others and yet fail to provide the same love and affection you provide those around you to your own soul?

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God About My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose

The next time you pray, wait for the answers to your prayers. Realize that prayer is a conversation with God, and you have the power to create such a deep and meaningful relationship with Source. One that can create purpose and joy in your life unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Your journey begins with a prayer,


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