God is Listening

“Your prayers are heard through the silence of your tear-filled eyes when you are heart broken, or they are felt through your tear-filled eyes when you are overwhelmed with joy.” – Through the Eyes of Truth

What are you doing to alleviate another persons fear during this global pandemic? All week I have been working with my clients during group Zoom meetings and one on one sessions to help them understand that each of us have the power to create change in a negative situation. You and I are connected whether you are reading this in South Africa or in my community. We are all connected through God who is experiencing the story of his life through each chapter that you and I write throughout our journey here. Because we are all one, you have the power to elevate another person through connecting to love on any level. Whether you are inspired to write a new book, create a watercolor masterpiece, or make another person laugh through your sense of humor… YOU can inspire change. But first you must inspire that change within yourself.

So often I hear people say they cannot do what they love because they lack the time and energy to create their greatest dreams. Yet, each day you are choosing to dedicate that same time and energy to something else… something that doesn’t fill your heart with joy or allow you to live your purpose. Why? Is it really the time or is it an excuse you use so you don’t have to walk in faith and create an emotionally fulfilling relationship with God? Since tapping into something you love creates love, then you have tapped into your God energy to walk in a miraculous journey that only you are capable of creating. Each moment you get to choose whether you want to serve love or fear….and you are choosing whether you are aware of this or not. Pray and allow God to guide you into an extraordinary journey that will awaken your heart and mind to what you are really inspired to do! This journey is never about a prize or the amount of money you make. Your life journey is about tapping into your own soul, connecting to God in prayer, and listening for the guidance from the source of your greatest miracles. God is listening… are you?

Life is but a playground so seek to experience joy within yourself first. Only then will you know what it is to be the magnificent children of God you are. I need nothing from you in order to love and know myself. There is nothing you can do to disobey me, for I seek not perfection from you. How can I seek to condemn that which I am? I seek only to remind each soul who connects with even one word in these messages, that you are loved beyond measure. If I create what the world deems as a miracle in order to remind you that you and I are one, then the miracle was not for the chosen but for all of my chosen children. For I have carefully selected the creation of all that is in order to know myself through you. Each soul walking the journey through life has been called and chosen for the experience of perfection. Enjoy your journey and know you are worthy beyond what you can comprehend. Allow me to show you a world where you and I are one in mind, body, and soul. Do I have your attention now? Have I described even one magical moment that has brought you closer to me?

For I call you throughout every moment of your existence to awaken and hear my voice. Reach out to me in prayer and seek communion with me. This experience you are participating in was created for you and by you. To be reminded of your connection to your God. There are no coincidences, although many will read these words and attempt to convince you that you are not the chosen soul they were meant for. Yet you will be reminded through one word, one thought, and one feeling that sparks within you a very special journey into your truth. Awaken my child and leave your bags at the front door of your old journey. Open your heart and your mind to the miracles that lay within you. Know that where truth is love resides. This precious journey was not about a house or material possessions. This was about discovering your own home within the walls of your soul.

Yet I used a group of souls who all answered their own call in the still of the night. These souls did not seek one another to write their chapter in the book of this creation. They merely answered their call to awakening and chose to walk their path without the approval or the permission from another. As their journey made way through paths of excitement, sorrow, and ultimately joy, they found one another and discovered they were all a part of the story. One that was written specifically for you in order to awaken you to live your destiny in the book of life. For had you been looking only at the outcome of what you thought was the prize, you would have missed the story. The magical awakening was to remind you that you are a precious child of God. Nothing will ever separate my love from you. I am one with you and you are one with me. I needed only to remind you of your own perfection. Are you listening? Have I gotten your attention? Now pick up your pen and write your story in the book of life. I love you now and forever.Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Remember, you have only one life on this miraculous journey here and every moment you are given is THE time to create your life in love. Push forward, fall forward, and never be afraid to create greater than you once thought possible! Your journey begins with a prayer.



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