Face Your Fears

When I was younger, I suffered from severe anxiety. I cannot remember a moment when I went to school and was not terrified about everything and anything. Every moment I awoke, I felt fine and then as the days progressed, the raging fear would well up into my soul until it literally hurt to breathe. This is the major reason I developed such a deep relationship with God. As my anxiety would swell, I would talk to God as if he were my best friend. I would share with him my joys, my heartaches, and my fears. Then one day I realized that God had in fact become my best friend and with every whisper he would place in my heart, I would release a part of my anxiety until I realized it was finally gone. I don’t know if being such an empathic person made me more sensitive to people and the world around me, but to have anxiety and constantly feel the emotion of fear is one of the most painful ways to live your life… physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Prayer saved my life from this pain because I realized that fear is often an illusion we have connected ourselves to. Whether they are from memories in the past or situations that have not occurred, fear can be an emotionally crippling experience.

When God called on me to walk in faith and create a new goal, I began noticing small tinges of anxiety begin to form in my soul again. I didn’t like it, so I prayed and asked God to show me my truth. The more I heard my God whispers, the more comfortable I became with this new goal I was to create. However, since we often fear the unknown then I realized that I needed to push through my fear and focus on what I love. This is something I have been struggling with for quite some time. I know deep within my heart there is a dream just stirring and gaining momentum within me every moment I am aware of it. Although this excites me beyond words, there is a small part of me is afraid as well. So, I have to ask myself exactly what it is that I am afraid of? Is it fear of failure, of the unknown, of feeling unworthy, or fear that this dream may actually become a reality?

As co-creators in your life with God, you need to realize that fear is just an illusion. Having the chance to think about this for several days, I understand there is nothing to fear. After all, my dream does not involve anything dangerous, nor does it require for me to give anything up that I love. Now that I think about it, my dream only requires that I give up the perception of fear. At any point in my life when I have asked God to allow me to win a competition or write a book, even ride my first roller coaster, all of these journey’s included some degree of fear. But once I began the road towards creating these experiences, I realized that my love for the experience far outweighed my fear of achieving them.

As a coach I spend my days identifying my clients’ passions and helping them create action plans towards inspiring change within themselves and their communities. My goal is to also understand what their fear is so they don’t end up sabotaging their own goals because the fear was stronger than their love for creating these goals. Doing this on myself however, is a process that I have undertaken. I need to understand that any new goal requires some level of overcoming fear. Prayer has been my greatest tool for overcoming this fear. When I look at what I am truly in fear of, I believe it is the unknown. I take comfort in knowing what the end of the journey looks like, but the joy also has to come from the art of creating my experiences.

My child there is no greater deception you have chosen to believe than that which prevents you from experiencing your greatest truth. As a creator in your life your role is to use your intention combined with your love and create every moment of those experiences which bring you greater love and joy. Yet instead you choose to sit back and witness the world around you creating fear and believe the illusion it is only fear you can create. Rather than use the power you have been gifted through oneness with your Creator to design a life filled with endless possibilities, you would rather believe the only possibilities for creation are what you see before you.

If you desire to create a beautiful vision that brings you love and abundance of all that is, you must carefully select your thoughts to create this vision. These thoughts must create a picture so vivid that the details are as obvious to you through seeing it in your mind’s eye as they would be if you were standing in front of it in the physical world. This picture must contain the details of every room in your house which you consider your physical world. Walk through each room and feel the emotions of already being in this place of solitude and joy. Take notice of the light shining into the corners of the walls and feel the warmth of the floor underneath your feet.

When you can walk through every room in your dream house and feel not the fear it represented to you once before, then you know you have connected with this on a soul level. Since you and I are one and I am one with all there is, realize there is no separation between you and this dream. Connecting to my love and experiencing the peace and joy of already being one with your dream will in fact connect you to this greater than anything else you can do. As you use your creative power through your thoughts that bring in the detailed vision of already having this, the emotions of love and joy, and the action of writing and visualizing already standing among this dream, you are creating the connection between you and that which you desire. Replace the fear with love and you will experience only love for this new dream.

By allowing yourself to experience new emotions of love you in turn open your heart to greater love. This love cannot be bought or earned my child. For you created your dream from the depths of your soul and have only to enter into your bliss to enjoy the essence of your truth. No longer desire to fear but instead become one with love and gratitude. Be ever grateful for your new experience of already having this dream even before you see it in the physical world. For my word is truth and will be honored through the journey of love. By thanking me for your blessings before you even touch them in the physical world, you align yourself with your highest truth of all that is.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

Life is about stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing you have all of the tools you need in order to create a life of sheer joy and overwhelming love. It is when you look at your life Through the Eyes of Truth when you realize that you live in a world of possibilities rather than of self-imposed limits. So, ask yourself, what are you doing today to step out of your comfort zone and face your fears. Your dream is just stirring within the walls of your soul, and as it continues to grow in strength, then so may your fears. Pray. Ask God to reveal truth in your life and understand there is nothing you can fail at, because the art of creation often requires perceived failure. Let it become your friend rather than your enemy so you can learn from it, grow from it, and ultimately create the life you were born to live! Your journey begins with a prayer.



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