Dream Journey

This past week I had an “aha” moment. Every morning before I have my coaching sessions, I say a prayer and ask God to bring to me the people that I am supposed to reach that day. My hope is through the words or message I share with my clients, that they may have the experience of creating a deeper relationship with God, with themselves, and with their deepest dreams. As I would expect, everyday God says “yes” and brings some amazing and incredibly inspiring souls into my life so I can coach them. My “aha” moment came in when I had a life coaching session with someone who is in the process of discovering her truth and becoming awakened to her own soul blueprint. Although she saw it from a place of fear, she will soon become enlightened to realize that this transformation is one of the greatest gifts God is blessing her with.

Fear can become such a crippling emotion, that often it traps us from progressing through our own growth. I believe that God shows us visions of our lives… those moments when we get to become connected mind, body, and soul into our greatest journey. However, once we are shown these visions, then it is our role as creators in our own lives, to create the experience. Yet, how often has God given you glimpses of your greatest dreams becoming a reality, and you sit back and wait for this dream to manifest itself in your life? I have been guilty of this for too long, so when I was in session with my client, I had to realize something very important. We are all ONE. We are all connected to one another through God, so when we bless another then we are blessed in multiple ways. However, when we are unkind to another then that unkind act comes back to us multiplied.

Realizing I am one with my client and with everyone in this journey through life, then maybe it would help enlighten or inspire her if I could show her what walking in faith looks like. Maybe through my dream journey, she will fear less and embrace Gods unknown path with more freedom of love. After all, we are ALL dealing with burdens of fear that weigh us down while we walk in our path. But through free will, we are given the choice as to how we react to those burdens. We can either choose to focus on them and create more of the same, or we can honor our God whispers and walk in faith down a path that only we can create. One that our own soul blueprint will guide us through to ignite love and passion that will ultimately lead us to our purpose. If I can do this for my client, then I have truly embraced my purpose.

When one soul awakens to the reality of its own perfection, a light is magnified that lights up another souls awakening. The tide of love is beyond measure. For you and I are one, and I am one with every soul you encounter. Thus in your awakening, your energy awakens another from their illusion.

Through the Eyes of Truth – A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, & Discovering Our Purpose

My goal is to create my dream journey through a 30-day goal. Although I am not completely clear as to what my dream meant, my role is to connect and align with this vision, so I can empower myself and hopefully inspire another to understand the greatest love you will ever experience will be the love between you and your creator. There is nothing to fear when it comes to having a relationship with God. However, the unknown often frightens us because it involves walking down a road of faith one step at a time. Our miracles don’t often come in the form of leaps, but in the tiny steps we take as we walk through our path that is illuminated with knowledge and love from God. So, this leads me to the path… what am I creating?

I had a dream in March that God spoke to me and showed me holding a key that will unlock a door to something that many people want. I believe behind this door is ultimately the road to our relationship with Source. Whether it takes the form of a journey, a goal, or a real door, we each hold a key to a door that only we can open. My prayer is by documenting my dream journey, you will become empowered to walk your own path and realize that fear is only a separation from God. They key you hold is your connection to the divine. Let’s open our own doors together…..Your journey begins with a prayer.


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