Do You Believe in What You Pray For?

Imagine what your life would be like if your grandest goals became a reality? Seriously! I have been dreaming of creating a goal that is very lofty, but it has already taken me 4 years, and counting…. With each new day I can look at this goal from the eyes of lack (not having it in my life yet) or through the eyes of truth, knowing this goal is already within me. My role as a co-creator in life with God is to align with it. How? This is the million-dollar question isn’t it? How do you align with a goal that appears to be separate from you when you know in your heart that it is very much alive within you?

Through all of my answered prayers within my God whispers, I realized one very important aspect to the law of attraction… or the law of creation. This being, that I must BELIEVE with all of my heart, soul, and mind in the existence of what I am praying for. In order to believe in every aspect of my life, I need to think about my goal in the present tense rather than the future tense. This means that I must begin thinking of how the realization of this goal affects my life TODAY… not tomorrow, or next year, but in the present moment. The present moment truly is all that is for you and I, and the place where miracles are created.

As the creator of your own dreams and your own life, you have at your disposal, energy that you use continually to focus on experiencing love and joy… or fear and pain. For by creating anything, your thoughts must be so focused on the details of that which you are manifesting. Your soul radiates with the love and the passion you feel by forming these details into your experience.  Then through the physical realm do you experience the manifestation of that which you have created. Whether you are creating a loving relationship with another or creating your new dream house, you must first be aligned with that which you desire to experience, so you can have that experience in the physical.

Creating Utopia – Living Life as a Miracle Worker

So now, I need to be present in my moments and act as if the very thing I am praying for already exists in my life TODAY. This means when I wake up in the morning, I say a prayer of gratitude for already having my goal. Since I already say prayers of gratitude daily, then this will be easy for me. Now, since we are more than one-dimension then I need to use all of my creative energy through mind, body, and soul to align with it. Not only do my thoughts need to be on a level of already being in gratitude for my goal, but I need to create my action plan throughout the day of how my life appears with this goal already in existence. Since I coach my clients to do this every day, then I need to begin this practice as well.

After praying so long for what I have been dreaming about, I believe that I need to begin ACTING as if this goal is already in my life today. I must align my thoughts, emotions, and actions this moment and every moment from this point on in the creation of my dream. After all, since my dream of God telling me that I was born with the key in my hand, then I need to open the door of opportunity by creating it. My thoughts must continuously be in awareness of this goal present in my life now, so I must create an action plan of activities I would be developing if it were here in my reality. My emotions must reflect gratitude in already having my dream and rather than my prayers asking God why it is not in my life, they need to shift to thankfulness of having it now. Then my body must begin creating the experience by making room in my life for this goal now.

God gives us free will in our lives, and Source will never interfere with your free will. This means you are in complete control over how you think, feel, and act. Rather than just praying for the goal you have in your heart, you need to be the creator of bringing the experience into your reality now. God will provide you with the guidance, but cannot physically manifest it for you. This is something you as a creator in your own life can do for yourself. Are you willing to do this?

The next time you ask God for a dream, something that sets your heart on fire, then realize you are the creator of this experience. No longer sit on the sidelines waiting for God to magically bring it into your experience. Instead, use your God given gifts of creation and align with the vision you know in your heart to be true for your own life. Your journey begins with a prayer.



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