Creating Your Dream House With God

In the house where your wealth resides, in the house of your dreams, is where you draw breathe. Every soul chooses to house their most precious valuables in this house where your journey resides. Your riches lay waiting for you in the most beautifully lit rooms, and your role is to bring light into these rooms by creating the experience of what they represent to you. In one room of your soul may wait for you the wonder of discovering self-love through meditation and prayer. In another room lies a talent you have yet to believe in, that may someday push you into a greater understanding of the law of creation. Your role my child is to cherish this house where your riches reside.

For I reside within this house with you and when you bring toxicity from relationships, fear, or substances, you bring them into my house as well. If you could truly see yourself with the greatest of vision, you would cease from competing with another soul. You would understand within the greatest walls of your house lies the greatest miracles just waiting for you to discover them. You would cherish your body and cease from comparing your physical appearance to that of another. Rather than seeking to know another souls experience through following them on the social media, you would push yourself into greater challenges that connect your mind, body, and soul. If you could see yourself as I see you, no longer would self-condemnation be your companion. For you would be in awe of the glory you hold in each of your physical bodies that house my soul.

Loneliness would no longer exist because you would seek council through me and shut out the noise of the world outside of you. Prayer would be as necessary to your soul as food is to sustain your body. You would awaken to a new possibility every moment you looked in the mirror and witnessed my eyes staring back at you. The need to judge another, compare yourself to another, and compete with another would cease to exist. All you would recognize is the love from my soul to yours, and through this love is where your greatest wealth resides. It would be no more difficult for you to create one million dollars than it is to create one dollar. For you would understand to the core of your soul, all you need is to reach within your own greatness and connect to the love that creates your world.Suzy Bootz, The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping Into the Abundance Within


These words came to me one by one as I wrote them down as fast as I could when I asked God in prayer to show me what my wealth blueprint looked like. I truly believe that we all have our own blueprint when it comes to creating anything in your life. Since you and I are different and no two people are created exactly alike, then I realized that in order to understand what my blueprint looked like, I needed to ask God. The one Source of all there is and the Source who created me. These are just a few of the thousands and thousands of golden nuggets I received when I started writing my book, The Wealth Blueprint – Tapping Into the Abundance Within.

You may look at your life right now… and have the perception that you are not wealthy. Yet, if you have money in the bank or in your wallet you are considered wealthy in comparison to many people across the globe. Think about it and look at your life. Look at your home, your car, your clothes, and even your education. Are you in gratitude for having these things? Were they once prayers you asked God for because you thought they would bring you a more fulfilled life? Maybe now you look at your life and wish you had more, but it is also a blessing to you that you have a roof over your head, a car parked in your garage or a bike to provide you with the freedom to get you to and from the places you want to go.

You see wealth, much like everything else in your life first begins with a mindset. I learned so much about the mindset of wealth when I prayed and asked God to show me truth when it came to abundance in my own life. Because I thought it had to look a certain way in order for me to understand what an abundant mindset was and how to really tap into my own wealth blueprint through prayer and through listening to my God whispers. What resulted was my new book, The Wealth Blueprint. I was able to understand that like everything else in your life, the Source of your wealth and miracles lies within you. Yet you can get so lost in the world outside of you that you forget abundance begins within your own soul. Yet that’s often the last place you look.

If you look at your body as your dream home and your mind and soul as the primary rooms within your dream home, it helps you realize just how much control you have over your own life. Especially during a global pandemic where control is often the one thing you may feel you have lost. Your body is your greatest temple and your dream house. It literally holds everything about your life within its walls. Your dream house holds you mind which is the greatest computer in the world. The possibilities you have to create the life of your dreams are endless because your mind has infinite possibilities. It doesn’t think exactly like another person, and it doesn’t create your reality exactly like another person’s. You have the choice and the complete control over your mind because you choose what to think every minute of the day. How empowering is that!?!

Within your dream house also lies your soul… and what a miraculous and precious thing this is. Your soul has the power to love beyond limits and to be able to attract your greatest goals and even deepest miracles. Why? Because your mind thinks and your soul feels. Emotion often draws your dreams into your reality when you combine the mindset and the action to create them. Your soul is your connection to God in such a deep and profound way because God is love and the feeling of love is the connection to God. This is why you may often draw miracles into your own life faster by doing what you love rather than what you don’t enjoy. Because the emotion of love is a magnet and can draw upon itself greater and greater experiences to love. How empowering is that!?!

Wealth is abundance and how you use your mind, body, and soul to create abundance in your life is so much more under your control than you may think. Remember, since you have the power to think for yourself then your thoughts are the foundation of your abundance or your lack. Maybe it’s time you begin asking God to show you what your abundance and wealth blueprint look like through your creators eyes? I have found that I can ask God to show me what any situation looks like through his eyes, and in an instant I realize a new and different perspective. (Your mind is the greatest computer) Changing your perspective to see any situation through the eyes of truth will empower you to change what you don’t like and to harness your own mind and soul to start creating new actions that will manifest new experiences in your life.

I would LOVE for you to recognize the wealth you have already created by the gifts of your own hands as well as to define what wealth means to you so you know when you actually achieve it. Remember, as a child of God abundance is your birthright. You were born to create. So instead of creating a life that no longer serves you or your purpose, choose to see it Through the Eyes of Truth and you may be surprised at what you an create! Your journey begins with a prayer.

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